Tuesday, August 8, 2006

This Just In...

Being the voracious little reader of MSN that I am (It's my homepage, hence all the gleanings of fascination I find from it) I read that Lindsay Lohan would like visit the troops. It turns out that Ms. Lohan fancies herself a potential Marilyn Monroe, who was a pinup, you know, and Lindsay has quote "always wanted to be one herself."

Shall I get ill now or later?

Please tell me, Ms. Lohan, that there is something, SOMEthing on this big blue-green Earth that you could do, I say, verily aspire to, than be a pin-up? So those days with Disney and the Parent Trap were mere jump offs to the most amazing career choice available for a person with your talent: yes, the Marilyn Monroe-like pinup.

Dare I say that Marilyn Monroe did not have a lot of career choices? Some nude pictures, a name change never did anything to stop the self-destructiveness and prison that was her persona. She wanted to break out, be taken seriously, even marry and quietly have babies, but that wasn't to be when you are the epitome of '50's sex symbol. No. That is sad sad sad.

That is why I appreciate Pink and her attitude in general (although she has a lot of puking to do to detoxify herself, I'll say that). She explained that her song 'Stupid Girls' was really out of the sadness about people just like Lindsay Lohan feeling the epitome of life is one of the most vacuous 'careers' available.

I have nothing against Marilyn Monroe, May She Rest In Peace, but hers was a sad life, whether she killed herself or the Conspiracy did it. If you can't make it right at home, you aint never going to be happy.

And you thought I only went on tangents about animals, MI, and my dang ear pain. Minions.

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