Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lawn Work and The Preparation for Imminent Doom

I do believe I proved my 'worth' today. Now, of course, being well-versed in Self-Esteemia (books and therapy since before I was a pre-teen) I know that a lovely individual of any kind shouldn't have to 'prove' her worth. But for better or worse, Husband saw today that I am quite capable of serious lawn work. I can hold my own with the 'big boys,' is I guess a way to put it.

The three of us, Mama, Husband, and I, cut down (Husband did this part) significant portions of our front tree and Mom and I cut those large branches down and I was the main person who lugged all those portions to our back fence and threw them over unceremoniously. Yes, I was proud of myself, because it wasn't a small or light task. I also got a great kick out of the fact that our neighbors across the street seemed a little amazed that a woman could or would do 'men's' work. (These neighbors are of a different culture. Nuff said.)

I also proved that a little exercise will not, in fact, kill me. Although my ears (BOTH) are in various stages of pluggedness, and I could hear my own breathing quite well, I really only needed to rest sometimes because of me poor back. I never even bring up my back issues to Docs cause I figure the true answer is: Lose some weight. I don't need to hear that again for nth time. But I finally had a decent appetite and I'm still alive and the perspiration and heavy breathing is over, so go figure.

As my birthday approaches, I find myself buying more stuff for Myself. Yep, I just purchased two Siamese cat planters, for a total of $cheap$. You put plants in them. Also, I have already set up for Myself to receive flowers for my birthday. Yes, I am having Hallmark send them to me. (I had yet another promotional coupon off the price of Summer flowers, and I thought what the heck, how many other Summer occasions will there be? Of course, I'd feel terrible if somebody died and I had to send some to them, but I guess I'd bite the bullet and pay full price. My birthday's a given, honestly, who prepares for death? Sheesh.)

I anxiously await my canning, casserole, and Weight Watchers books. Seriously. And I already received my clearance priced poker set (so cool that my Mom wanted to buy it off me) so I could get my free crank radio from King Size Direct. Its cheesy beyond all get-out but I love it. Just think, its the end of the world, no electricity, or even batteries and with a few cranks you can listen to the radio and get a small beam of flashlight for a mere two seconds. Imagine my joy. I think its very cool and it looks like the only emergency supply we own at the moment. All right, later Blog-itas and Blogger-erogers. I swear I'm not manic. Aint life grand?!

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mysti said...

wow, sounds like you really got a work out! I used to do that kind of stuff with my ex, I hated every minute of it truthfully because I could not move for days after!
Stands up and applauds Tart ,since I know exactly how hard that work is!

I think it is sooooooo awesome that you are sending yourself flowers! You deserve it. Now if I would do the same for me... lol, I think I would rather get paint and canvas for myself.

Happy Happy upcoming birthday my friend.