Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Baby-Whine Alert

Yeah, that would be me. My right ear malady is officially Swimmer's Ear and thanks to pain relievers (aspirin, at the moment) I'm fit enough to blog. It hurt people!! It's still swollen, but thanks to seeing the Dr. and waiting for the good stuff at the pharmacy, I have drops, which I treat as the elixir of life.

I came home from all this, and yes, got my Mama to put drops in my ear for me. Eating at the time was excruciating. I had gone to Wendy's to get my favorite meal du jour (the Spicy Chix sandwich, Caesar salad instead of fries, and a Medium Diet Coke (a modified number 6) but it turns out the only thing that doesn't hurt as much as trying to chomp down on food is: you guessed it, sucking on a cigarette. I had to kill time before going back thru the pharmacy drive thru and I was hating life. Pain, I tell you, did I mention it hurt?!

I am the opposite of Enigma. I recall her saying clearly that she has a high tolerance to el paino. Let me say this. I stub my toes all the time. I ignore it, though I can say occasionally I'd really like to sing, if you know what I mean. But clearly, I am not up for too much more. This adds an additional interesting thought to my whole why I may not, should not bear my own younglings. I'd probably show up, way before the actual push-push time, and demand whatever they've got and NOW. Oh, and could they find another way to do it than stick a needle in my spine? I hear that hurts too.

Now, what could have caused this vicious Swimmer's Ear, Tart, you ask? Well, I have gotten in a pool a total of two times this summer. Last month, doing my best to never go under (having gotten my hair colored just days before, I mean really) only to have Husband dunk me under (believe me, I made it difficult for him. But I tired.) and it seemed immediately I had issues with my Left ear. Hunh. Lots of Peroxide and Q-tips seemed to have staved off the apparent inevitable, cause that ear is still okay.

No, I think it was my one time 'dip' into the RV park pool during my 'vacation' I told you about, about two weeks ago. Again, I did not dip my ponytailed hair into the water, but I guess some of those pesky bacteria found their way in. I did take a shower afterwards. I asked Doc today if you can get this from showers and he said No, it really had to come from a pool, because there is not enough bacteria in simple shower water.

So all of this makes me feel like the virgin or non usual sexual person that has sex AND procures AIDS. Man, one time deal and look what happens. Or the woman that merely needs to be touched and becomes with child, scenerio occuring every 9 months. Oh, Tart, you say, that is a bit much. But really, when your ear frickin' hurts you get creative. I thought of these things while waiting for my ear drops. Gimme my dang ear drops. And don't be skimpy with the Motrin. THANK you.


Enigma said...

May i suggest something?
No, it is not to stay out of the pool... it is something else....

Invest in a little eye dropper and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. If you cannot find a nice little eye dropper, the lid to the alcohol also works fine (especially if you have help).
After swimming, put a few drops in each ear.
(let me know if you want more details on "how")

Honestly, I am shocked that it could be swimmers ear with actually getting your ears wet... seems fishy to me. (lol no pun intended)

Also, at your local drug store there should be an actual over-the-counter product called swimmers ear. You may want to check it out.

Feel better soon


'Tart said...

Yes, when I was even more youthful (!) I got Swimmer's Ear ALL the time because I was practically a full time water baby. So after going thru this process many times, the docs finally told us that a combo of Alcohol and Peroxide (I forget the % of parts each) could be combined in an eyedropper bottle and applied after each swim. It's been a while since an affliction like this has returned, so I admit to not doing a thorough clean out like that every time I have contact with pools/water.
And although I did not dunk my head under at the RV park, I did a little bitty light swimming, and truth be told, I'm sure some of that pesky water seeped in. It really doesn't take much. AND I really think that I wouldn't get infections in my adulthood if it weren't for stress, and despite the fact that I do my darndest to not have any of THAT, it happens, too.
There has been a bonus/good side effect of being a tad deaf. I seem much less cow-towed by the public and restaurant eating is soooo much more enjoyable. If I don't hear people around me, it feels like they don't exist, and I love that. I never needed their input anyway. Cheers, and thanks so much for your comments!