Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tart's Birthday PhotoLoop

I had a fantastic birthday! For an old gal, I'd really have to rate this one high up there.

We had steak and wonderful company for dinner (steak to eat, people to share it with. Sheesh!). The cake was great: my favorite, peanut butter chocolate ice cream cake. We all had a lovely time, even my poor husband who got tired after serving and everything else and instructed me to hurry up opening presents. I'm lucky I got pictures!

I'd like to share the joy, and I present to you: Tart's Birthday 'Part of the Booty' PhotoLoop (care of, you guessed it, Photobucket). I have learned now in my older age that it doesn't hurt at all to either order or specify precisely what you'd like for your birthday. You tend to get what you want!!

My favorite gift is the Laurel Burch cat bag. Dad gave it to me. It is even more gorgeous in person let me tell you. Just stunning. But the Pug with Boa is sweet too, that one's from Husband. There's also the Kitty Kat spoon rest from Mom, and Siamese cat planter figurines, along with my flowers and piece of cake. Lots of good stuff.

Dad is still here and we've been watching movies. Husband got himself a Holland grill and we are having Honey Teriyaki soaked chicken breasts on the grill tonight. Yum! (Yaaay! He cooks, not me!!)

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! Dad's here till at least right after Labor Day, so I'll spend as much time with him as possible. I'm thinking of taking him to a casino and spending a few hours there. Wish us luck! :)


Enigma said...

Happy Birthday!!
Glad you had a good time.

You know, at first I thought you said that your husband got a Holland gIRl... I was thinking, wow, that's an odd thing to get him to entertain himself with while you visit your dad. lol Glad i re-read that.

'Tart said...

LOL!! It might as well be a giRL - he loves that thing!

Thank you for the birthday wishes. :)

mysti said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful birthday! Enjoy your dad's visit. I am glad he was there for you on your special day!

Raine said...

I'm happy you had such a great birthday. That cake sounds just YUMMY

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Happy "getting older" day! Can you shove a piece of cake through the monitor for me?

'Tart said...

Thank you all for the love and birthday wishes! Consider a piece of delicious peanut butter chocolate icecream cake shoved through that monitor, right at ya! Quick! It's melting!