Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hey, I am alive and been a little busy. Earlier in the week I was just excited waiting for my Mom to bring my birthday present home: My Dad! Yes, she took her RV and drove out many miles to the middle of the country and picked him up and brought him home. So I've been enjoying time with my Dad and running around grocery shopping ('horrors') to be fully stocked to impress good ol' Dad with my cooking. Its' working so far.

Then, today, bad news. They thought Grandma had a stroke. But after a CAT scan at what can only called the incompetent fix-yur-broken-bones-n-go place next door (it's adjacent to the nursing home she's in, people go there if they cut themselves, broke a bone. Your not going to say hey, let's take Gma there, I think she had a stroke) they could not find anything and thankfully sent her to a real hospital. One side of her face (the right) is not working so well. And her right side of the mouth is drooping, slurring, etc. Now they are thinking it is Bell's Palsy. Husband has had this twice, I have a friend who's Mom had it once. Over time it is supposed to go away. But since Gma is 92 everything is more fragile and she's staying overnight at the hospital.

But on the bright side, I am getting older on Monday! Yes, I think I'm really going to clean up this year too. For instance, I know I'm getting flowers (from Moi), and I know several of my other gifts, since I ordered them myself. And the big granddaddy of already known gifts: My new elliptical trainer!! I am really stoked as I do in fact plan to use it. Through the years, I have learned that I hate treadmills and even bicycle exercise. I like the bouncy feeling of an elliptical. So anyhow, we went to Sears today and confirmed if I still liked them and bought it! This required husband to borrow a trailer from a friend and a lot man-handling of the big box. Thank you Hubby! You rock and I appreciate very much my B'Day present! I love you. :)

I've got some great videos of Reese and Emma (separately, of course) to post, but I'll wait till next time for that. I am also thinking of creating a slideshow titled something like "The Making of a Stew" because I did it again, took lots of pictures of *shock* the preparation of a stew. Maybe that's boring as all get out, but as Vincent, one of the designers on Project Runway said of some bizarre dress he designed "But, it really turns me on!" Creepy, I agree, but in my case we're talking about stew. Just go with me on this.


mysti said...

I am so sorry about your grandmother. I hope she feels well soon.

On another note..... I hope you have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE TART!!!

Nothing weird about getting turned on when you figure out your good at cooking something! I am the same exact way. After all we mortals can not live on water alone! We have to eat, and it might as well be great food that we are eating.


mysti said...

Happy Birthday Toooooo YOUUUUUU!!!!!

I hope your day is a special one. Know I am thinking of you.

Raine said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! And I hope Grandma gets to feeling better. I dont know what an elliptical trainer is but I hope its enjoyable LOL.