Tuesday, August 8, 2006

A-Live and Kicking

Survived one of those dreaded so-called 'social events' - the party before a wedding and the subsequent party after. Gotta love people with enough money and relatives to pour into double events like this. Tart, being bipolar, does not enjoy events with lots of people where the only ones she knows are simply because of familiarity and not even because she likes them. Long story waiting to happen.

I also got subjected to another weird event: a person from my husband's high school past pumped up on rum and whatever else, as well as information about us provided by husband's supposed best friend (do not get me started on this individual.). In other words, despite the fact that I made it clear I wanted nothing to do with Ms. High School Band Ho, there she was, knowing my name and getting awfully excited to have met my prescence and later spewing information that made me very uncomfortable, things that people that have known me forever would never say, yet she's grilling and talking about them, Tacky Piece of Sh*t. So, she being apparently blasted (and with the kids no less. Apparently, she likes those "We'll take care of the kids while you get blasted" parties. Classy.) I cut her a break and was far more charming than she ever deserved. But when she started in with the 'when are guys going to have kids, oh, I guess you're practicing on your dog' and 'oh, don't feel bad, we practiced on our dog, too' THAT was it. Over. I HAD NO response for that, and luckily Husband wanted to leave so I still said, "bye" to the wretch even as she was tongue tied and trying to say she was sorry. Pathetic. What causes a person to marry, have two children, yet not be able to overcome some burning need to hook up with old high school mates. And I wasn't kidding about the Band Ho thing. She literally was, so that's not ever going to put her high up on the list of people I want to hang with. The neediness the inability to even think of having her own life, its just horrible. I sensed it BEfore I ever met her, and meeting her just made it that more obvious that I have many, many, many times a dead-on sh*t detector. Period.

Yeah, so I could on about that one for a while, but I won't. I am tired. I have some issue with my ear, as in its swollen, even in the Eustacian tube and I may even have it looked at. Shocking I know, actually willing to see a Dr. for it.

Emma had her 3 year birthday yesterday, and we were so tired and recovering from 'festivities' that we did not do much for her, except to sing to her.

Today, potential serious problem was averted. I was going outside and Emma would not come out because she was too busy sniffing stuff on the floor. So I said the heck with her and closed the door. It occurred to me that I have closed her in with the cat, and she can't really get out of that room like the cat can. So, I open the back door and there is the cat, very pumped with adrenaline and obviously in an altercation with Emma and HE WANTS OUT. I squashed him back with my foot, because I cannot take losing another cat out my back door and finally he ran out of the room inside the house faster than I ever saw him move before. Outcome: Big chunk taken out of his gorgeous forehead. I don't get mad at Emma because I know Reese starts most of those things.

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Enigma said...

poor tart, emma and reese

and dare i say, poor drunken girl... perhaps one day she will get her priiorities right...
poor drunken girl's children... :(

What sad situations for all.

Happy birthday, Emma. :)
(ending on a happy note. ;0) )