Thursday, August 10, 2006

Because he's cute...and no, not mine...although I think someday about having one like this...

Ear issues continue, although The Elixir of Life aka my ear drops seem to be slowly helping. So do those doses of heavy painkillers (the OTC kind, never fear).

Not a lot to say, although if I were bent on being honest (sigh) I would say that there are tensions here at Terra (I love GWTW and my backyard, I often think of this name for it) since Husband sometimes gets upset when he realizes how little I do around here. For instance, today is a literal miracle day since I got up at 7:30 a.m. and have cooked me own breakfast, worked on bills and REMAINED in the upright locked position and not gone back to bed to snooze to ummmm.....a late hour.

Well, anyway, I'm feeling solidly nothing at the moment. I'm not quite used to what I 'should' be feeling this time of day, and of course, real routines have not been established. There is in fact so much to do that I think I must be shutting out the reality of it all since I'm not seeing it. I'm just sick of having one side of my head plugged up. Wanh! I know. What would I be, or do, without my pity party. Have pity party, will travel.

Here are two useful acronyms. I'm a centimeter stepper of a FlyBaby. This means that so far the only thing moving in the right direction is my mind, however that is no small feat. This stuff comes off of This is the only place that I see so much of myself and she offers a cleaner home and body, peace really, if we have some PATIENCE, let go of our darn perfectionism and do a littlework, things will go better.

I just wanted to share that:

FLY(Lady): means Finally Loving Yourself.

And that we all have CHAOS: Cant' Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

I think we can all relate to this in some way. I'm not some FlyLady peddler, I don't think I've lifted anything in my house (I bet I tell you about it if I do), it's just that she gives me hope. And as mysti says on her site, that may just be what I need at the moment. Hope and faith that one day I will lift the burden of clutter right out of my house. Til' then, I guess I'm just cognizant, awake in a zombie-like state, at the moment. :)


mysti said...

Awwww man I wish you were feeling better. Ear aches are not fun at all!

I too am a flylady member. I did get my sink clean! Yayyy! lol that is about all. Sooooo do not feel badly about that. It is trying that counts right???

I hope you feel better soon Tart.


Enigma said...

I checked out flylady once or twice. If you were to look in my house, you'd probably tell me to take a closer look at FlyLady. lol

I hope you feel super better soon.

Raine said...

Come on over to MY house of Chaos!!! we can sit in squalor together and I can feed you all the food that I cant eat:P I'm already hecka sick of sick of the rice and the toast. Im still ok with the applesauce........ I want taco bell so come on over and I'll feed it to you and we can watch bonkers be goofy and not worry bout dirty houses:P

'Tart said...

I'm comin' Raine! And I'll bring the Taco Bell! Nachos Bell Grande, anyone? I love that cheese.