Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mama's Puggy little Helper!

Emma is my little helper, especially in the kitchen. When I brought home groceries and started putting them away, she had a grand old time with the bags, running around and skidding. Of course, she stopped doing this once I got the camera, but here she is being a little cutie just the same, snuffing around the groceries!

I have my first video of Reese the Siamese kitty extraordinaire, but unfortunately there wasn't much light when I shot it, and its too dark to see. Oh, well, better luck next time. I'll be sure to put one up when I get a better one.


Enigma said...

Thanks for sharing.
Too bad Emma didn't keep up witht he bag-slidding. I bet it was funny to watch.
She's a cutie.
But then, you know that. ;)

mysti said...

Awww Emma is tooo darn cute! Made me want to reach down and pick her up and cuddle her.

Thank you for sharing!