Monday, February 27, 2006

Hello Campers,
I return from basically another lost weekend with the in-laws which was essentially painless, but I didn't get to say anything pithy here (do I ever? OK I'm working on that). Anyhow, those weekends are stressful because we drive for hours to get there, stay at someone else's abode, which is a very nice abode, but not mine. I guess its good that those dreams of being a rock star, traveling all the time, eating all that bad food (well that part I still do), the potential stardom, the papparrazi, the... oh, where were we? Oh, yeah, its a good thing that didn't pan out. I seem to be turning more and more into a homebody, and liking it. But I still love my 'People' magazine and all that salacious stuff and know just way too much about those things, so I don't feel too left out. Sometimes I start spouting that stuff on the late night drive home from the 'rentals (Tart's slang for Parental units) while driving and drinking my Diet Coke and my husband is just a snore away from deep slumber I will talk about my favorite famous people as if I knew the poor things. Its not that crazy, I just said for instance that I should write so-and-so a letter before they kick off (I guess 'Tart is a little irreverant about death, being an obituary writer :) and I explain why they're really are special and so on. But I don't go off about Cameron Diaz or Britney Spears. (Although I know what's going on with them, but I hardly every really care) Oh, no. It started with a discussion of the passing of Don Knots, and then I said, you know who really saddened me by her passing: Shelly Winters. Such a down to earth cool lady. Those types could just live forever. And then I started in about Patty Duke, Anna, who I admire so much and she turned out such a great kid: Sean Astin. And then I explained to my mostly asleep husband all about her growing up, how she admits to be being bipolar, doesn't hide it, and she has more than survived it. Oh, so much stuff. Guess you had to be there.
For those following the saga of my possible soon be empty job, as in I might not be doing it, I talked my boss-ola and she really does not know when they will have the other department completely take it over, BUT she will push to find out that information (which I do believe she will). She also offered me something in the 'sister paper' closer to home in fact that would just be typing and paginating (that means makin' the pages for publication, folks). So, its something to think about. However, I don't like to now be waiting for them to tell me what I want to know, because I was mentally ready to just hand in that two week notice. So I think. Consider. Wait.
Thanks to those who check in, and thanks to Lori-Lyn for making my day, as well. The Peaceable Kingdom blogger said hello, and I say hi back. You better squeeze Woody for me as well.

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Enigma said...

Ha! I think if you had become a rock star, hotels would be different than staying with in-laws. A lot different, and lot LESS stressful. But, that's just my opinion.

Once again, I am glad that you made it back safely.
So tell me, do you think you would enjoy working at that sister-paper "typing and paginating" more than what you do now?

And thank you for stopping by my blog - where I am still all over the place and not consistant. hehe.