Monday, February 20, 2006

I survived.

Hello, hello, hello. I'm back. I have survived what I knew was going to be a hell weekend and despite constantly craving a cigarette I haven't had one yet. Although, I could go buy some today. Hmmm..
I went to a spoiled brat's wedding, one of those all 'me and my sorority peeps, my bestest 20 or 30 friends in the world, while completely ignoring the people who really do care about me, my family, who came from miles away to be tortured by my event, type weddings.' I discovered my fairly new extended family are quite cool, as in I like them a lot and personally enjoy spending time with them, especially for two short days. Pretty painless and I had fun. The bride completely ignored them and she's blood family to them. So, yeah I guess in some ways that automatically made the 'tart look good but I don't take overwhelming pleasure in it because they all flew back home feeling upset or bad and that's not right.
Some pretty cool people left posts on 'tart's blog here and I want to thank them. I don't know where to go get my clock into reality, but I am a step closer since apparently it IS possible, so I need to find out more about that. Also, I didn't understand about making the 'side' posts more postable, but I am also very interested in finding out about that so I need to talk to Enigma and Raine. I guess I could post to their personal sites. At the moment, I need to sign off, cause if I'm late to work again certain persons take that as a license to be crappy to me. I have class tonight so I may not get to say anything more until tomorrow, but I do have some exciting news on the cat front, so I can spout about that another time. Have a great day, all.


Raine said...

LOLOL Tart they are already showing- whatever you did we can see em now

Enigma said...

Ugh! I have got to remember to "publish" after I "preview". I sure am getting tired of retyping my comments. haha

Ok, let's try this again....

Hey Tart
I'm glad you made it back safely. Sorry the bride was too spoiled to acknowledge everyone. I hope you had fun anyhow.

You may want to check out . There is a post there just for you.
I forgot to edit the pictures and circle what I am talking about; hopefully you'll be able to figure it out though once you are on the page yourself. (that should make more sense once you see the post for you)
Please let me know if it's helpful to you or not - or if there is something that is not quite clear.