Thursday, February 16, 2006

Just when I was getting a little cranked out about blogging, Ok, work might have cranked me out too, and the dang-diggity-dog No. Va. traffic did NOT help...anyhow, I went a lookin', you know checking my favorite blogs, I'm telling you if you need a pick me up, hit that Next Blog button. I think we bloggers must be little voyeurs at heart, you know wondering what the 'other' people are doing. And sometimes I come across people that I really WOULD want to meet if we weren't in outer space. And that heartens me. That is all the Tart needs. A heartened Tart. I could not resist.

Well anyway, two things. One is I mostly seem to add to this in the evening so it probably looks like I am behind if you check this thing in the a.m., I don't know if anyone does or not. And the OTHER thing...

I will be away from my blog until Sunday evenin.' Yeah, I'm even out of the office Friday, cause my sister-in-law is getting married and she's going to have one of those rehearsal dinners tomorrow night and I'm now a permanent part of the 'party,' so I must go. These are the cold hard facts.
Alrighty, I got my hair did yesterday, and I'm plannin' to get my nails done tonight. Bet you didn't know the Tart does like Missy Elliott.
I leave you with a purty picture that I stole from Webshots. I particularly save stuff that is calming to me, because I occasionally put my photos into 'video' mode and Love, Tart.

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Enigma said...

I tried posting this last night, but the server was either having trouble or just too busy. If it ends up being a multi-post, I am sorry. I didn't mean for it to be.
Here is what I was trying to say last night:

Hey, Tart
Thanks for letting us (your readers) know that you will be away for a few days.

For the time problem, did you know you can set/change the your time zone? You may want to check it.. that may cure your wrong time problem.

I hope your weekend goes well.
Oh, and the pictures look good.