Monday, February 13, 2006

Good morning for no one at the present time!

Good morning for no one at the present time!
And that is OK because no pressure is just what the 'tart needs. This blog has already proved a miracle of epic proportions because I got up early today to check up on its needs, write a little somepin' somepin', and I'm feeling good. My therapist should have recommended this for me, and years ago! But alas, the poor thing is so useless in many ways. I got up, people!!! I usually wait to the absolute last minute to get up for me job - yes, I have one, and it is obvious I will have to get up even earlier to check everything I like to check (for fun, I am not obsessive just so you know) and post as this is already encroaching on getting ready for work time and I can't handle that. Today I have to go to work in the snow with no cigarette. These two are not really related except that they are inconveniences. Husband finally caught on that I was smoking and he put his sweet yet drill sergeanty foot down. I have agreed to quit OK cause the 'Tart has health problems too, but I am so jonesin' for one. Well, this is not prolific as far as I can tell, but I really have to prepare for my several hours at the newspaper. Oh heck, why should where I work be a secret, I know I'll go off about it at some point.


Raine said...

Hi tart- I got your link off of Bi-polar daily and wanted to welcome you to the world of bi-polar blogging. I am fairly new to it also. heres a link for you if you wanna check me out

kodeureum said...

I read your comment at Bipolar Daily and would like to congratulate you on your new baby blog! I began mine January first as a resolution of sorts and have been posting every day, amazingly enough. I tried linking to the http://www. etc address in your comment, but didn't connect. Try using the next time you alert friends by e-mail. I'm still trying to get people to post comments instead of sending e-mails, as I've got them set to go straight to my e-mail inbox anyway. May I suggest adding some photos? If you don't have a digital camera just borrow some images from your favourite sites as I've been known to do from time to time. You might also find this sight helpful: Good luck!

Enigma said...

Good Morning, Tart... or afternoon as the case may be.
I just wanted to let you know that you now have your first known reader!

No pressure, though.

Have a great day.

'Tart said...

How absolutely cool to hear from all of you! I will check out raine's site, I am looking into pic's on the page (excellent suggestion kodeureum)and it is just an absolute pleasure to have my first, second and third reader. Imagine my joy at taking an illegal peek at my home email at workski and finding that you all had written and such nice things too. I think I will change things so that I don't have to ok posts, as I felt a little funny taking care of that at work. It's great meeting all of you. Here's to more fun in blogdom. Yours, 'Tart