Sunday, February 12, 2006

Vive the 'Tart! Presenting a spankin' new blog. We are so proud.

Today is the birth of my blog and yes, I am geek enough to be super excited about that. This is really the marriage of some great things for me, as I love to type endlessly about myself (I am a writer, really first, foremost and at heart), and am the kind of person that feels emotionally vindicated when I get it all out. As a matter of fact, it is the best form of therapy that I have found yet. I am even pompous enough to believe that someday, someone will want to read far enough back to this point. I will definitely be the kind of blogger that loves to share the minutiae (I have already been admonished to keep that which is personal and not to cus as this is a public forum (by my husband, Blogger knows I've got sense right?), and I really need a place to be me, to not bow to any person or to change my style of fun and truth. Always truthful, it is in fact a curse. Prepare thyself World, for I am coming and d*mn it, I'm honest and explanatory! It remains to be seen if I am inflammatory.
Now, a little about me and this blog. JungleTart is in fact a very special name that I made up, one of those cute names, for my husband, before he was my husband many years ago. He immediately reminded me of that after I had proudly named this. But blogwise I was thinking that it was the perfect name for my animals (my jungle) who are in fact so cute, I know I will mention them, put their picture(s) up and bond with others on that front. The tart, is my tongue, that which I say and I mean to be honest about things like my bipolar and probably what the heck I think of everything and it is guaranteed, anything that bothers me.
Understand, in fact, that it is very difficult for me to talk about my bipolar on some forum that just goes out there any and everywhere. But I have decided to go ahead and use this as a ranting post a place to let loose. I assure one and all, I, maybe unfortunately for one and all, have so much to rant about. So I can't just put this adorable name on a business card and have casual people that KNOW me read this. I've got reason for anonymity as bipolar illness is called a mental illness, and that's it, the normies are freaked. This world needs a big kick in the pants and a wake up call to see all the lovelies, the out and out brilliant ones, and the scores and legions of survivors and champions that we are. I'm doin' what I can ladies and gentlemen. Doin' what I can.
So I make this pact to myself, to stay true to myself, that if I ever get folks that check this thing a lot that their opinions are just that. This blog is for me first but at the same time I love to truly help someone and at present time don't get a whole lot of chances to do that, so if someone feels better because they are not the only tart/freak in the world that truly gratifies me. Vive the 'Tart! Presenting a brand new spankin' blog. We are so proud.