Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No comparison

Ah, I am feeling pretty good not receiving activity today after a getting such a stunning amount of posts yesterday. Now, you may be thinking, quit it Tart, stop worrying about all that. I am ok with it, because I'm not a good under the pressure kind of individual. Maybe I take that back, as when I've really been pushed emotionally I think I come out pretty sparkling. But there is so much to establish before I can just spill on that I think. I am pretty proud of myself that I've turned out pretty well. For my circumstances. Its so hard because when people start thinking about how well they've turned out or even how happy they are with their lives at the present time, well don't they find themselves comparing themselves to others and that is almost guaranteed to be a downer. We start getting into feelings like jealousy, and I have found myself in very bad situations when I start sensing that. Here's something interesting that I have heard about comparisons: "When you compare yourself to another, you are comparing the 'bad' traits that you know about yourself to the good traits you SEE in someone else." In other words you don't really know what's in another's heart and they could makin' things look really good when they are just seething inside. I'll bet that's why people like "Desperate Housewives."

Anyhow, sometimes even the Tart gives in that there are good comparisons like the fantastic competition that just happened on my TV. No, I'm not talking about the Olympics, it was the Westminster Kennel Club picking best in show. While my natural favorite, the Pug, did not win Best, Ch. Riversong Mulroney did win Best of the Toy breed, nothing to sneeze or wheeze at. Maybe I can get the pic I stole off MSN in here. He is a solid boy, bigger than my Emma pug, and Husband thinks he might have messed up his chances for the big win 'cause he was so rambunctious and didn't quite want to play the game that we worried he might disqualify himself. Regardless, the mysterious Pug sickness has overtaken our family and we're just glued if one is going to be on T.V. That is because I got Emma, after lots of internet research as to what kind would be the best dog to get for our family. She's 2 and I'll download my more recent pics eventually, but maybe you'd like to see her from a little while back. That handsome guy in the back with glowing eyes is the Late great Boo kitty, Mar. 1988-Feb. 8, 2005. Don't I have so much talk about? But I'm going to bed. That's my contribution to the net and I'm done fer the day. You know, it cranks me that the time on these things are never right. Do you have to get it reset for reality or something? If you know, don't hesitate to spill. Thanks, Tart.

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BiPolar Guy said...

Please to meet you 'Tart. We also got a bit of a zoo here - 2dogs and a cat. Love em.

And thanks for all the support