Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Under the weather (physically)

My throat's a' fire, people! I had to cancel a meeting with a wonderful person today, just for a social visit, and for reading the Bible with Tracy (who is even more wonderful!).

I went back to bed hoping I would feel better - hah! My throat's still on fire, especially when I swallow.

I called the person I will be working on a grant with, as we were supposed to meet tomorrow, and she told me about taking garlic when you think you have an infection, as a method to stave off having to get expensive antibiotics, if the garlic helps and you don't have to go to the doctor after all. Hunh! That is a new one, but I went and took a bunch of garlic pills that I have. I do feel sweaty and infectious. I'll be by your blogs as I can, and I wish everybody a much better day than I'm feeling!




Hopefulsl said...

Wow Tart!
You sure sound like everything was going pretty good for you up until you got this nasty throat cold!!!!
How dare this happens to you, just when you were having a meeting with someone about doing grants, which i believe that is what i understood?
I really hope your throat feels better real soon.....I also wanted to say that i am rooting you and my sister on for being so brave to let all of us bloggers know about your guy's weight issue. I think its great that you and Tracy are doing this together, and i have a lot of faith in both of you that this will work out for the two of you. :)
Just remember no matter to what happens here, both of you are beautiful people!!! It's whats on in the inside that counts O.K..... Btw, i have posted an update on my new job. Come on by and see whats happening in my world. I really wanted to write about some other things as well but i didn't want people to get to bored reading my post cause it was to long....HEE,HEE....I will try and post more later in the week. Hang in there and i hope you feel better soon.....CHEERS....MY FRIEND.....

(((((TART))))) :) :)

Tracy said...

Awww Tart i am so sorry your throat hurts. The garlic is a natural antibiotic as well as cinnamon! The doctor who is working with me regarding the toxins in my body told me this,because i can not take antibiotics due to bleeding issues! Also a trick my big sister told me was to soak garlic cinnamon lemon and honey together in hot water and drink. I know it sounds ewwwwww but..... it does work. lol the honey helps to numb the throat believe it or not. :) Also the old wives tale about chicken noodle soup? well it is true! The reason being that garlic, onion and chicken broth really are natural ways to cure colds. :) Garlic is in that soup! Big help. :) hugsssss and hope to talk with you soon, when you are feeling better.

Love ya!


'Tart said...

To you two Sista's!
Thank you both for your comments! I went by your blog today, Stacy, and I am so proud of you and how you are doing at your new job!:):)

I know, it's a bummer for me to be on the edge of a new opportunity and then get sick! Wanh! But hopefully this will subside soon.:)

Tracy, your comments are just what I needed. It's good to know about these alternative cures, and I am taking them to heart. Thank you so much!!:)

Tracy said...

Btw Tart, what i found, is making two different hot drinks so they are easy to get down. One i do with Chicken broth, and garlic. The other i make a sweet broth, one with the lemon, honey and cinnamon. However you can also just drink the chicken broth and garlic, and later take a spoon full of honey. :)Hugsss
Hope you feel better soon.


Hopefulsl said...

Thank you sister of mind for telling Tart about that drink....I'm so glad that Tracy has shared this with you Tart :) It really does work, cause every time my husband gets a sore throat my sister always reminds us about her special hot drink!!!! And believe me, he makes him one as soon as he can and it does work for him.
I hope it does for you as well.....


Love,Stacy-Again-Giggles :)