Friday, October 24, 2008


Today I would like make a list of people I am praying for and for what.

It is very much because of blog world that I have become aware of needs in my small world of Other People, and if you want to think about these wonderful people sometime during your day, I invite you to do so.

My friend Tracy, who Needs very much to find a doctor to help her with her fibermyalgia specifically and one who will understand her bleeding disorder and lead poisoning issues as well. Please pray that she will find one soon that will stop her from having to ration her pain pills and be in terrible withdrawal. It makes me cry, because she is a wonderful, SWEET person who does not need to be put through this foolishness.

My friend Stacy, who is Tracy's twin, who is struggling with a son who is very beloved and bipolar and who tries her, and has had a hard week with her job. I am so blessed to know her in blog world and I find her to be an utter delight. I LOVE her comments here on my blog, and I am so glad to know that she is a real person and she deserves to know I pray for her.:)

Mike Golch, a fellow blogger, and a friend to many, as he often sends out prayer requests for deserving bloggers everywhere. Mike, you don't know it, but you give so much, and I'm sorry for the seizures that you suffer often and are a significant bother for you. I think about you often and pray for you.

I add a prayer here for a friend of a friend, in the real world, that I know that I don't talk to often anymore but hear about through a friend.

This person's girlfriend just had a heart attack. She was suffering seizures yesterday, but today is in stable condition, although she is on a respirator. She owns her own house, but if she survives this ordeal she will have to sell her house to pay for medical costs and live in a nursing home. I don't know how much of her life she will be able to regain after this ordeal. I still hope that she can regain strength and I am thinking of my friend who is sad about his girlfriend.

I know I haven't 'covered' everybody, but these are just some that I think of and thought could use a tiny shout-out from my corner of the world.

My world has been greatly made better by being on blog and finding out the needs of others. Blessings to all in blogger land.


Mike Golch said...

Tart,thank you for the prayer request.I will keep you friend's girlfriend in my prayers as well.

Mike Golch said...

Tart, I just got a new award,and since I do not play by the "rules" all the time I want you to come and grab it for your blog!

'Tart said...

Dear Mike,
You are very welcome as a prayer for you is very deserved. Thank you for thinking of my friend's girlfriend, as well.:)

I can't find the award. Is it the one with the 'cool eyelashes?' Let me know which blog to find it on. Thanks!:) And, thank you for giving it to me, in the first place!!!:):)

Raine said...

I just read the last three blogs all at once. I am sorry you were feeling so low and I'm glad you've found some relief. (((((((Tart)))))

Raine said...

oh and I love the new look on the blog!!

Tracy said...

Awwww Tart, you are so sweet, and i just love you to pieces! Ty for the prayers for both me and my twin. Prayers do such wonders, more then most know. Prayer is so very powerful. Know i appreciate your prayers, and also have you in mine.

Love ya lots my friend

Hopefulsl said...

DIDO!!! Tracy is so very right about prayers do such wonders......You are such a sweet heart :) Thanks for being yourself as well.
I can see why my twin loves you so much, and i myself have grown to love you as well....GIGGLES....CHEERS.....