Thursday, October 23, 2008


Whew! Within a day - thank God!

Things that cheered me up after having my brain chemicals wreak havoc on me:

1. My brain chemicals let up on me just a little allowing me to think. Thanks Brain Chemicals!!

2. I performed my face regimen: I had ordered Mary Kay from a friend, so I did my cleanser, toner, and moisturizers, pulled my hair back in a pony tail (because it’s greasy and I can’t handle the thought of a shower right now, soooo sorry), put my contacts in and considered makeup – maybe after exercising which should prove to be a big picker upper later on after I digest cheer-up # 3.

3. Ordered Chinese food. I am now full, and full of hot & sour soup, which is such comfort food for me I cannot express. I don’t know how to make it, therefore I order.

4. I had good telephone calls, that cheered me up immensely and made me know that I am loved. Thank you truly from my heart for those calls. Several were made by me out to the world, but it’s the one that calls in to check on me that is truly kind.

5. I am considering scrapbooking. Nothing serious like my wedding pictures that are an ongoing thing, but a bunch of cards that I have received, like for my birthday and for my Dad’s bereavement, so I can flip through and feel the warm fuzzies. I am trying figure out the best way to deal with those acidic (the paper, not the sentiment, hee hee!) little cards. What a problem.

6. Working on that cross stitch for a Mom that is due TOMORROW (what that must be like interests me greatly, and I feel for her, I really do). Can’t wait to find out Baby’s name.

7. Working on crochet projets (yes, that’s French for project, cause crochet was originally a French word. Yup.)

8. Love up a critter. Reese kitty is always trying to warm his lovely chocolate-colored feet on me. Sometimes I take advantage of it and let him love me.:)

9. Not to mention writing this all out. That helps me mucho greatly.:)

I am just sharing some things that cheered me up, because I printed such a downer below and I did find ways to work on shaking it. It’s a process of forcefully shaking it, not hoping to shake it. Something had to be done, and it's the little things that often help me.

I’m not working on the grant stuff right now, maybe mulling it around in my head. The thing now is the letter that will open doors, that’s a little bit of pressure, but I think I have most of the info needed to do that. Anyway, this is life for now. Ups downs and all arounds.


Tracy said...

Dearest Tart, I totally relate as you know i do! I love ya lots, and am glad you are feeling somewhat better. I have to tell you when brain chemicals are messed up, oh wow, hugeeeeeeeeeee messing with the mind! I have been experiencing that feeling myself. ((((Tart)))) I am so blessed to have you in my life, and any time at all you are feeling low.. please call me. Hugsssssss

Tracy said...

OHHHHHHHH I just love your new blog look!!!! How gorgeous!~~

I might just have to redo my blog! Yayyyyyyyyyy

Hopefulsl said...

Hello stranger!
First i have to say that i am so sorry that i have been away so long! And i really have to say that i love your new look on blog land :) ((((I JUST LOVE IT...)))) Now i really, really have to tell you that last week was a bad week for me as well. So you were not alone and i was at the point of giving up on everything and wanting to crawl in a very deep hole.......But somehow i survived it, and i am feeling much better now :) THANK GOD!!!! Cause if i was still feeling like that i think i would really try to accomplish dissapearing HEE,HEE........Other then that i am glad to see that you are feeling a little better now. Me Too, YIPPEE.....So lets both try and keep a better positive attitud o.k. ((((CHEERS)))) MY FRIEND!!!! Hope to keep in touch more often and i really do miss talking to you and my twin on blogger land......I am praying for Tracy to find a Doctor real soon so she can stop going through her with drawls. She is just lucky to have such a sweet friend like you in her life to keep the cheers and love alive between the two of you. Friends are great for the soul and heart...... Thanks for being apart of her life!
(((((HUGS))))) & (((((HUGS)))))

Mary said...

Hi Tart, I just love your new look here.. It looks great. I am glad you are feeling better, I too am feeling really low with bad thoughts, and hope I can get through this soon. You take care..Mary

'Tart said...

Hello to all my commenters, what a blessing it is to have you all here!:)

Hugs & Hugs to everyone and thank you for liking the new look of the blog and saying so. I'm glad it turned out so well - thanks 'cutest blog on the block' - they make it a lot easier!!