Friday, October 10, 2008

Delving into the world of Grants!

I spent much of my day researching places that could be potential 'givers of money' for a particular reason for the Drop In Center.

Wow! It was a lot of fun, especially when I found my first address that I could send a request to!

I was hopping up and down for joy and praising God for leading me on this path, and frankly for helping me, when I don't quite know what I am doing.

I know He's leading me and I'm happy about it. I have prayed to be led the way He wants me to, and although these things take time, both my being led & grant writing in general, I am feeling GOOOOD about it.

I am thinking of suggesting a crochet class at the Center, and maybe the products made by people could be sold, for fund-raising purposes.

I know they will say, 'Hunh, I wonder who could teach that class?:)' If they are thinking it's me that will be INTERESTING as I have been avoiding teaching anything most of my life, especially the technicalities of making something. They may not like the idea at all for all I know.:)


Mike Golch said...

Good for you.what makes us happy is what counts the most.Hugs and God's love and blessing to you and your family.Mike g. said that!(It's an A.A.thing of mine)

Tracy said...

Wow Tart, Good for you! I am very happy for you. Hugssss my friend, I hope you have a blessed weekend.

Raine said...

so you like ask for grants ? is that it?