Tuesday, October 7, 2008

About my new weight ticker.:)

My friend Tracy has put a special weight ticker up on her blog, which has inspired me to do the same.

I am putting my actual weight in because I think it will help me stay more accountable and I will remember better what my goals are if its in real numbers. (I'm starting with a smaller goal rather than the whole shebang).

This is Not Easy for me, to just put that number out for everyone and everyone to see, please be kind, because I must hold myself accountable and I think this is a great way to do it. I thought about blogging about weight before and now Tracy has opened a great way for me to do so here.

If you read Tracy's post where she first talks about her weight gain, it was because doctors wanted to focus on her health, and weren't so worried about weight gain.

My situation is similar, my doctors have many times focused on my mental health, which included putting me on medications that gain the weight and sometimes give you weird cravings for the wrong kinds of foods. Couple that with less than a real desire to get sweaty and workout, a thyroid that has been messed up by Lithium, oh the list of reasons goes on, I weigh more than I want to.

But there is hope. The thing that proved that to me was my six-month stay in a mental hospital fourteen years ago. They were trying mongo amounts of drugs on me, slowly, But they put me on a specific-calorie diet and we walked and exercised a lot. I came out thin. It is possible to be on a lot of meds and Work it off.

That's why it's so great that Tracy mentioned water aerobics, because I was really enjoying that when I was going with my Mom. I just have to get myself motivated to go back, after that time of the month, and get in the pool again. I guess I am honestly looking forward to it.


Mike Golch said...

well you do what you have to do to get your self in shape. I'd be doing a lot of different things to lose weight if I was not plagued by seizures. I applaude anyone that want to keep themselves as health as they can.

Tracy said...

Yayyyyyy well we will encourage each other my friend. I am so happy you are in this with me. Hugs my friend.