Monday, October 27, 2008

A meme: I say, you think:

This meme was off of Mike Golch's wordpress site.
I like it because no one said I had to use just one word!!

1. Contemplate :: How to do this meme!

2. In the house :: 2 Pugs (one very high-strung that barks a lot, it seems! Both cute as can be though!), a Siamese cat, me, and a computer that I love (I get a lot of fun out it!:)

3. Classical :: music. This kind of reminds me that I play my clarinet sometimes, which I still enjoy!

4. Quest :: for happiness. To provide better structure for my day. To reach out a little more in reality land.

5. Best friend :: My husband; a reality-land friend I have that I don't name on blog; and Tracy:) The last two may not be in that order!!

6. 1991 :: OOhhh!! This was such a good year!! I was in college, this was the year I met my husband (who was in the Navy at the time), and the year I fell in love with The Black Crowes.

7. Never will :: give up.

8. Fool :: try very hard not to be, which closes my world in.

9. Unhappy :: at various times. The nature of the illness is sometimes to be unhappy for no conceivable reason at all which makes me even more unhappy, when that happens!!

10. Best man :: My bro-in-law, who I just love to pieces! He forgot what he wanted to say at the wedding toast, but pulled out a piece of actual toast, and it was hilarious! I love him for being him!

1. Contemplate ::
2. In the house ::
3. Classical ::
4. Quest ::
5. Best friend ::
6. 1991 ::
7. Never will ::
8. Fool ::
9. Unhappy ::
10. Best man ::

If you do it, let me know!:)


Mike Golch said...

Tart, thanks for the shout out! I enjoyed you responces.

Tracy said...

What a wonderful meme. :) You always manage to touch my heart and make me feel better at the right moment! I needed to read this and see it, since i was pretty emotional and down at the moment.


Denise said...

Helloooooooooooooooooooooo I have missed all my blogger and I am out and about tonight trying to catch up! I do not do many meme's anymore but I so enjoyed yours........ I love the new look of your blog........ I think it is time for a change on mine............

Have a blessed Tuesday ......

Hopefulsl said...

Hey Tart!
Just wanted to drop by to say hello and that i hope you have a wonderful week-end........This meme is great, i might give it a try, thanks for posting it. Anyway, i am so glad that you are my blogger friend :) :)
YEE-HAW (((Giggles-My Friend)))