Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunnier Days.

Badlands, S.D., Webshots.

Arizona, Webshots

A black Pug

Ari, Atoll, Maldives, Webshots

Things are looking better and I am looking forward to my vacation. I'll be gone at the end of the week for Labor Day weekend.

The beauty of the Internet is that after finding out what restaurants were in the place we're going to, I can look them up on the web. I found menus, what bands are playing and where, whether there are cover charges or not, etc., and printed that information out. It will be like having our own 'tour book' just for those days.

I'm really excited about getting to go somewhere for a vacation. And I'm excited because I'm nearly certain that the hotel will have a pool. I've slacked off on my pool activities here at home (I plan to start again after Labor Day) so it will be really nice to get into one again.

Husband's working late. I think I will have a T.V. dinner, maybe cross stitch or more likely enter some info into the database for my volunteer Library job.


Mike Golch said...

Tart, I hope that you and the hubby have a great vacation in the summer sun.Hugs and Blessings Mike G. said that!(It's an A.A.thing)

Hopefulsl said...

Yippie, Hurray, Woooo-Hoooo!!!!
How exciting this is for you and your husband. I really hope this will be a wonderful vacation for the two of you. I'm sure you will be counting the days down, i would be thats for sure....Smiles....And i have to tell you that i just looooove the picture of the pug!!!!!Is that your pug????
If so, you can ship it right to my house, Hee,Hee,Ha,Ha....Its so cute and i could see myself just loving it to pieces. Oh my god, i can't get over how cute he/she is. I already told you that when we lose one of our dogs the next dog that we get is a pug. But i am not sure if i can wait. OOPS-i shouldn't being saying that cause i don't think i could handle having four little ones running around. Three is a hand full as it is....Oh well, i just have to teach myself to be patient...(((GIGGLES)))....Just do me a favor and give your little guys loving from me o.k!!!! And now that i got carried away about the pug, i do like the other pictures too. Beautiful i may say. So now i guess i should be going, and i wish for the two of you to have a great time, and a safe one at that.....
(((((Hugs))))) & Blessings,

Tracy said...

I am so excited for you Tart. I think it is well deserved this vacation you and hubby are going to, and for your Birthday. Yayyyyyy I am looking forward to hearing all about your trip. I am so happy that you will have a pool to. Sounds like lots of fun to me!

Hugsssss and blessings sent your way!

'Tart said...

Thanks Guys (& Ladies!)!
I am looking forward to this vacation. I am counting down the days, like a kid!!

Stacy, that pug in the picture is not mine, but she sure Looks like mine!! Mia is cute as a little Pug can be and I know how you feel about wanting one. I saw this sign, 'Pugs are like potato chips, you can't have just one!':):)

My husband has said two is enough, and one wiley Siamese cat as well, so no more for me for a while. But just wait til you get yours - they are so cute, loving and mischevious! the little dickens!

Denise said...

Hey girl...... Have a great time on your VACATION............ The little PUG is tooooooooooo cute..... We need to get away...... but maybe in the early spring...... You have a good time girl and just enjoy yourself.... let your mind rest and just take in the quiet.. and GET IN THAT POOL!!!!!! it does the body good.........

Jena said...

Ahh vacation. We're going away for the weekend too. And hopefully a really long hot beachy vacation in the fall. I can't wait.