Friday, August 15, 2008

And it all comes Tumbling out! (the new edition of Going's ons!)

I've been going through a dry period of not writing often on the blog, but I am not down and out! Oh no, I'm still here, still the original Jungletart from February of 2006, and I still Roar!

I have some good things going on in my life right now. I am doing the 'Baking Opportunity' which just got very 'real feeling' since I got Finally got paid on Thursday. Yaaaay!

I am now also a Library Volunteer at my local library. See my sister blog of goodness and happiness, Jungletart's Good Stuff for more happiness and joy on the subject!

I will be a Newspaper Indexer, yes, an unpaid position, entering geneology information into my state's database. I am so excited about this!

I feel I have been led by God to this position, not even knowing now how it will all 'pan out,' what its true purpose is in my life.

I doo think it will teach me more time management at home, structure my day more (one of my goals - see sidebar), and teach me what it's like to be self-disciplined and work at home.

It seemed to just fall in my lap now, after I had done the work by filling out the application and WAITING, months I believe, to actually be called. To be called.:)

This job is right up my alley, since I love to be on the computer and be at home and be away from people. Yup, you heard it here, I can be alone and happy for looooong periods of time.

Heck, my husband's home now, and I'm in the home office typing away. I should probably get off of here and go hang out with him!

So, as it may work, for either a bipolar or just anyone, I don't know, a dry period is punctuated by a 'wet period' where I can type more or maybe I just have more to say.

Maybe I just saved it up for a while and now it all comes tumbling out. Maybe I'm just feeling better because I'm amped up on a Mega dose of Antibiotics.

That reminds me, besides all my psychotropic meds for bipolar and heart oriented things (high blood pressure & high cholesterol) they put me on antibiotics because of this Really Ugly Bug Bite on my leg that is very infected and almost sent me to the hospital to receive intravenous antibiotics(!).

Who knew a bug bite could be such a whopper? And I believe I received this in my backyard, too!

The Doc will see me on Aug. 21, to check on that and to check on the second kidney, etc., test they took on me a few days ago.

It seems the numbers are funny and he wants to make sure they are consistently funny before deciding what to do about it.

I Certainly Hope none of this will interfere with my real vacation coming up on Aug 28 - Sept. 1!

August 28 is the national holiday of my birthday for some already, and soon to be sweeping the world, I am sure!

I am soooo excited because my inlaws have actually invited us to a major beach (we are their second choice but that's okay, because I'm goooooing!!!) for that weekend!

I hear there is a pier there and I am looking forward to casting my hook in its probably overfished waters. Yaaaaay! I'm such a kid.

I have also lost 5 pounds, by being good and having salads and sort of watching my Points (a Weight Watchers thing)!!

I have finally gotten under a certain number so I hope this is not losing bizarre water weight or something - but as you can tell, I'm Happy about it! Let's hope this is Real!

Also, I started Physical Therapy again on Monday for my back. Oh, this is good stuff people!

If you have problems with your back, you should know about strengthening your core, the muscles in the abdomen are going to help.

And you've got to learn how to activate those muscles without giving yourself a sway back (if you're like me and have scoliosis and naturally want to stick out your butt when trying to find where the heck those muscles are located!).

I'm supposed to practice 'activated my core' when sitting, standing, washing dishes - basically doing anything!

And the best part is today its Friday, and I feel like I get it, it's working. I'm keeping myself up straighter. I'm even imagining myself without any tire around me, I AM STRONG! or at least tall, purty and straight-backed!

And there you have it. I have been busy. Oh, and about that baby shower - we decided that we can only afford one trip states away this year (and hardly that!) and its going to be....drumroll......Christmas!!

Yes, Christmas is a big deal every two years in Husband's growing large family and we wouldn't miss it. Besides, as Raine pointed out, we will be able to see the actual baby then.:)

So, today, since I'm not going to the baby shower (and instead will be on vacaaation at the beach that day!) I shopped the baby registry online to buy gifts and am having them wrapped and sent to the lucky Mom for her shower.

Oh it was soo much fun! I'm not sad that I'm not the one having the baby, I'm genuinely excited for the Mom-to-be (Husband's cousin, states away) and now that they know they will have a daughter, it is just wonderfully fun.

I bought one item off their registry and then had to send them pink baby booties, which were not on the registry. I just think they are the cutest, most adorable things and what little baby girl couldn't use baby booties. Even if they got a ton, she can just start a shoe collection now.

And that's the goings ons for the Jungletart. Until I roar again...

Love, Tart


Denise said...

Well,, you are a busy gal.... It sounds like you are getting some thing going for you and things that work well for you....... I am so the opposite....... I am sooooooooo extorverted I need to talk to something !!!!!!hahhaha so my poor DH comes home after being around people all day and computers and needing some quiet time and here I go..yak yak yak! hahahah Anyway, sounds like you are becoming self diciplined.... that is a tough on for a lot of people..... I have owned my own business for years so I need to be self motivated .... I do ok sometimes, and other times I goof off....Anyway.. I so enjoyed your post and your visit.... and make sure and go to my Samaritan Women blog and read my Speak Up post when you can......... Have a blessed weekend......... :)

Tracy said...

Wow Tart, lots and lots going on for you~! I am so happy things are getting better for you. Congrats again on the Library job! I think it is an wonderful opportunity for you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I will be writing in my blog after my inlaws leave. Know you are in my prayers and thoughts! Hugsssss you!

'Tart said...

Dear Denise,
Thank you for coming by!! Yes, I'm a bit of a loner, but that's okay, it's just the way I am made. It's good to know the even the most disciplined of people 'goof' off too! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too and I will be by your 'Samaritan Women' blog.:)

Dear Tracy,
Thank you for the congratulations! I hope things are going well for you and that you are enjoying your time with your in-laws. I hope that you are feeling well, and I'll talk to you soon. You are in my prayers and thoughts as well.:)

Hopefulsl said...

My oh my, aren't you a busy gal! Sounds like its a good thing though.
Very happy that things are moving right along for you, well thats what it sounds like here on your post....
Happy you are so HAPPY!!!! Happy, happy Tart, Don't stand in her way, cause she won't let you take it away!
(((CHEERS))) (((GIGGLES)))....
I really hope it continues for a very long time for you. And just wanted to say that i hope that bug bite heals up good. Its not a brown recluse bite is it? They do some horrible stuff. If you are getting better from the bite with the meds you are on, then its not that ugly spider bite. THANK-GOD....
Good luck with everything ahead of you. I'm excited for you, YIPPIE..
Gotta Go Now, ((((Hugs))))&(((Hugs)))
Blessings to you.

'Tart said...

Hey Stacy!
Yeah, I don't know what bit me, and I'm starting to get worried, because its not really going away, even on all these antibiotics! We do have spiders around here, I sure hope its not some scary death-kill venomous spider that got me!!

Thank you for wishing that this would last a while for me. Sometimes things do go poof, and I get in a low. I just have to take it as it comes, and try to manage things well.

I'm so glad you came by and commented! I wish you (((HUGS)) & ((Blessings)) and I hope things are going well for you.:)

Hopefulsl said...

Hey you said that your bite wasn't getting better. So if i were you i would go back to the doctor and ask if this could be a bite from a brown recluse spider. Not trying to scare you, but i know of two people that live where i do got bit by this spider. One got bit on his finger and he ended up losing half of it. And the other person got bit on her leg and she almost lost it. They both got very sick from this spider, so if you are not will sick then i would not worry o.k.....
I tell you not to worry and here i go telling you these horrible stories. What a brat i am, I am just concern thats all. Put it this way, is the bite getting worst or does it still look the same???? If it looks the same then don't worry, if it looks worst then run back to the doctors.
PLEASES!!!!!! Don't take any chances its not worth it....
O.K enough of me scaring you, just hang in there.
(((((HUGS)))))& Blessings to you.

'Tart said...

Dear Stacy,
You are so sweet and I took a look at my bite and its getting better. I think it is because I finally put a (huge) bandaid on it 24/7 with a little antibiotic ointment.

It looks a little less red and the redness was about two inches around the bite. I considered taking a picture of it, but thought that was too gross (LMAO) to put on here.

Anyways, thank you so much for your concern! I must tell you that you make me smile and LOL too! But I appreciate your love to make sure I am okay.

The Doc looked at this thing and was like 'oh no, you shouldn't have let this go on so long and gave it some kind of name that I have never heard of. The nurse agreed and said the same name for it.:)

Anyway, I'm definitely going back Wednesday to get it looked at again. I admit I was getting worried that this thing was getting out of hand and was going to ruin my upcoming vacation. No way Jose!!

Thank you again for your caring and love, Stacy. ((((HUGS)))) & Blessings right back at cha!!!

Jena said...

Hey Tart! Thanks so much for your warm welcome on my blog when i came back from the hospital, it was so nice and appreciated... i don't remember if I thanked you yet! But thank you again!

Secondly, I have only been able to read your blog now, because my concentration has been really poor. But it's good at this moment and I enjoyed reading your post!

I wanted to say, I think it's great that you felt that you were called to something. I feel like there is all this stuff bubbling in me but i don't know what it is yet... I just have been thinking so much about purpose and meaning in my life, why i ended up where I did and why. There are so many strange things that happened to get me here, even things i wanted but never asked for.

I know there's something out there for me, but in the end, the reason isn't for me. And i have no calls and no answers right now. Just a lot of spare time and a lot of questions.


'Tart said...

Hi Jena!
Sorry I haven't been by. I really have been ditzy and not noticing others. I went right over and read about your first few days and left a long comment.

I hope you feel better soon and I wish you (((Hugs)) & Blessings.:)

'Tart said...

Hi Jena!
Sorry I haven't been by. I really have been ditzy and not noticing others. I went right over and read about your first few days and left a long comment.

I hope you feel better soon and I wish you (((Hugs)) & Blessings.:)

'Tart said...

oops! Left it twice on my own blog! I really am tired.

Jena said...

thank you for your comments! i could have sworn you had already welcomed me back but thank you for the additional welcome! if it was in my head, oh well! anyway you are sucha good encourager. thanks babe!

'Tart said...

Dear Jena,
I'm glad you feel that way.:) Wishing you good days!