Sunday, August 10, 2008

Living the Good Life on a Rented Boat! - aka a Warm, Toasty August Saturday!

Yesterday was a beautiful, warm Saturday day.

I went fishing A-gain! on a rented Jon boat with Husband, with our little put-put motor that we kept from the IG debacle (Indian Giver Debacle).

So we go down the river a ways and decide several times where to cast and stop for fishing, (we have this great anchor that we bring with us on these adventures) and get cooked, fried, hot, sweaty, bit, bugged a little (by bugs) and get really hurting backsides!

Even with a cushion that doubles as a life preserver, sitting on a Jon boat is hard on the bottom! Sometimes, you just have to stand up, in the middle of the boat, in the middle of the water!

Or, on the way put-putting back with that motor, (I say that because at one point Husband rowed, we were going soooo slowww!!) and Husband pushing it in the right direction (he's so much better at it than myself, believe me!), I hunkered down with the seat as my backrest, putting the cushion underneath me, and the rest of our life preservers as backrest and used my black umbrella (yes, I think of every comfort! and believe me, bringing that thing is one of the smartest things I bring) to shield myself from the sun and I swear I felt like I was on the Riviera or in Venice and got sleepy and napped or at least dozed for a little.:)

It was so warm and toasty under that umbrella, with my bug-eye sunglasses on, fishing hat and hair back in a small pony tail! My feet would feel burny (I was wearing my purple Speedo swim shoes that also double as pool shoes when I go to my aqua fit class) occasionally with all the sun on them, so I would tuck them under and try to shield them with the umbrella sometimes. Such is the life! and all on a rented Jon boat!

And Husband did indeed catch another fish, a medium-size catfish, caught on a double hook with a lead sinker on a line that he just drops in the water next to the boat, while he casts and pulls in another line (that I don't think could even have a chance to catch anything because it has no worms on it, and he pulls it in so fast! Just my 'fishy opinion' though!:).

As we left the house yesterday morning to go fishing, I noted that I forgot my camera, but we didn't want to go back and get it. Just figures, because we couldn't tell what kind of fish his catch was at first, so we netted it and took a look at it before getting it off the line and I probably could have a gotten a decent shot of it.

Aw well, you know what they look like, little tendrils of shocks coming out of their faces. We bring gloves with us now, since learning that they are really handy for getting the fish off the hook, especially since that river is Full o' catfish!

We're getting old for this, as hours on a boat, as relaxing and fun as it is, is a bit tiring! but I think it is so good for Husband to end his stressful work week this way and have some relaxation and Fun! I get sleepy being in that hot sun even when I come home and end up napping a little on the couch while watching 'Glamour's 100 Glamourous People 2008' or something like that. The Pugs aren't the only ones with the great life!:)


Tracy said...

I envy you my friend. I want to go fishing toooo. lol really i do. It is awesome you and your husband have something special to do together. I am glad you both had a good time!


'Tart said...

Hugs Tracy! That's it! You're invited!
Talk to you soon,