Thursday, August 7, 2008

Goings ons

I had a good day with my Mom yesterday, mostly helping her shop for one flat sheet in queen size (not a set) and please make it pretty (not plain or Martha Stewart green stripes, but flowery - that's what she wants.) Needless to say, she's going to have to find it on the internet, maybe on or somewhere, to find the perfect one, because we couldn't find it at the various stores we went to. But it was nice to hang out with my Mom.:)

I made more stuff on Tuesday at the baking opportunity. This was a fruit cake without the hard candies (I didn't know that was what usually went into one) and instead had raisins, nuts, and dates/figs in there. Turns out figs are yummy! and so was the actual cake if you like nuts, as the cake with all its nutmeg, cinnamon and whatnot is pretty fabulous too! We also made an orange angel food cake that was very good as well.

The library finally called back about my filling out an application to volunteer there. I see them on this coming Monday to talk about it! They say they may have something available on Wednesdays, which would be nice to give structure to my days and weeks.:) A little work in the circulation department. (which sounds like 'getting plastic surgery on your heart' hee hee)

I start physical therapy again on Monday morning. This is for lower back pain (I have scoliosis down there which can't be helped much but the muscles can). I'm starting the day early so that I can be with my favorite PT helper from last time.

My Huband's cousin is going to have a baby and I have been so excited about it. I got a cross stitch to do a birth record for her (they know the baby will be a girl) that I hope to have done by Christmas. The baby shower I was just invited to is only at the end of the month which we were thinking of trying to get to (several states away), but we can only afford to go there either now or for Christmas, so we're still not sure what we're doing.

And that's the Thursday update for now. I've got to get it together to go do a little grocery shopping and get ready to go to the baking opportunity.


Hopefulsl said...

Glad that you had a good time with your mother. I hope she'll be able to fine the flat sheet she wants?
Never have cared for fruit cake, but the way you describe it sounds so good!!! I wouldn't mine having the recipe for the orange angel food cake though. I love angel food cake.YUMMY!
I also will pray somehow that you and your husband will be able to go to your cousins baby shower....Good luck with your cross stitching for the baby. Sorry to hear that you have scoliosis, ((JUST TELL YOUR HUSBAND TO MASSAGE YOU EVERY NIGHT))Hee,Hee....I'm only joking!!
Anyway, hope you have a nice day!

'Tart said...

Hey Stacy!
I am not into fruit cakes either (pun intended:P) but the cake itself was good, especially warm. Now for the Orange Sponge Cake, which is what the other person made, and it was yummy, the recipe is LONNNG but I can try to post it over on the 'Good Stuff' blog maybe tomorrow!:)
You always make me LOL and smile when you leave comments, I have to tell you! Thank you for the things that you say!:)
I hope that things are well for you in Stacy-land! I wish you the best - Hugs and Blessings,

Raine said...

OH I would go at christmas so you can see the actual baby!!!

Tracy said...

I would love to see both recipes on your other site, being that i love to back, and since you said both were good, bet i like both! I am so happy that baking is going so well for you. Even though it is hard work, i always got such joy out of making someone happy when they loved a recipe! It made all the work worth while.

I hope your mom found the sheets. Know that you are close to my heart dear friend, and I feel blessed knowing you!


'Tart said...

Dear Raine,
That is looking more and more like the right idea, to go during Christmas. I would have liked to go to the shower but its so soon and we just can't afford to get out there. Good point, Raine!:)

Dear Tracy,
I'll have to post those recipes. I think they come out of a Betty Crocker recipe book, I am not sure though. Know that you near and dear to my heart, too!