Friday, June 6, 2008

We have Ticks!

I'm talking the real deal. I just found tick number 7 or so crawling up my leg in my office as I blogged (the dogs come in here). I immediately flushed it down the toilet, then called Husband to report and get upset to.

Ticks are disgusting.

I have a photo of one that we caught about a month ago and were saving for the vet. We like to do that even though most of them are the same - with the white spot on the back. I've searched my hard drive, I can't find that very hard to see tick in a plastic bag photo. Sorry!

I've had them crawling on me, I had one trying to attach to my tummy - GROSS! We've found one on my little black pug, and I think another attached to her and now this crawling on me. So maybe that's Only five, but it feels like Waaaaaay toooo many!

I just put Frontline Plus on them both yesterday so this may be a sign that it's working! I don't want them to have ticks, but I hate them on me too. The little black pug, Mia, is ALLERGIC to flea bites (she does not Have fleas, she just is in distress when she gets one little bite) so the vet suggested deet on her tail and ears only (not face of course, precious beast). Oh the travails of summer!

(I may have to take a Clonapin, search myself again for ticks, and take a rest. This is revving me up waaay to much.)


Tracy said...

I just hateeeee hateeee hateeee ticks, fleas, or for that matter, lice, and spiders! Ok i dislike bugs with a passion. I am so sorry you are having to deal with ticks. I actually freak big time myself when i see them, so i understand you needing to take a Clonapin....... and having to rest. I would to my friend. Hope that no more ticks show up.

Hugs and blessings

Raine said...

I'd be freaking (((((((((((((((((Tart))))))))))))

'Tart said...

LOL, Thanks guys, I was so proud of myself that I didn't end up taking a clonipin because I waited it out. I just got really hyper and 'multitasked' doing lots of things at once: listening to music, playing music on the clarinet and talking on the phone. Oh what a crazy bipolar world it is.:)

Thank you both for your comments! I hates the bugs too.:)