Saturday, June 7, 2008

Once a Wonder Woman always a Wonder Woman!

See here for a Yahoo article on Lynda Carter finding a body in Washington, D.C., with no cellphone, and doing the right thing!

Have you ever wondered about my fascination with Lynda Carter, or the (I assume) Marvel character of Wonder Woman, that she played in the 70's show of that name? I was 5 when that was on TV and I LOVED her. I loved the show, I loved the character, I loved the first comic book that the tooth fairy left me (Thanks Mom!), and over the years I loved what a classy lady Ms. Carter turned out to be. She's got a lot to live up to and I think she almost supercedes her character!

This morning on Yahoo I was reminded of her fair-minded ways, doing the proper thing. And no Miss Wonder, Miss Wonder Woman, not everyone does the right things. I love you.
Again, see here.


Tracy said...

I always loved lynda Carter to. I remember watching her show and thinking what a beautiful woman! Of course she had to be in order to be Wonder Woman! lol but it is good knowing she has such a wonderful soul also.


'Tart said...

I know. I think her soul is one those things that really shines thru on that lady.:)
Hugs and thank you for your comments today!:)