Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello, I'm better.

Drops on Passion Flower tendrels, Italy, Webshots

After leaving yesterday's Scathing Post about my personal anger, and having a snit/whining moment, I will report that I am feeling better, and I better post it!:)

Went to the pdoc today and They are LOWERING MY ABILIFY!!! This is what we (husband & I) originally wanted but, I played gunea pig, the Game if you will, properly and I finally get the stuff lowered, as I wanted after weeks of being given Atenolol to cover up the shake. Now I'm on higher Atenolol, and today, lower Abilify. Compared to jiggle/wiggle/and shake I'm hoping for a better outcome than the last previous months.

So that is the source of my 'better.' Hopefulness that I will get the 'good' of bipolar abilify and less of the side effect bad. And that I was finally listened to.:)

Thanks for listening to my whining, blogworld. You all deserve a good day, and I'm wishing it for you.:)




Tracy said...

Blogs are meant for venting, and sharing not only the good times but bad times. Glad you feel better. Hugssssssss

Raine said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and I hope the med change helps. You have a right to be angry. Half the time I am scared to death about the meds I take and I am never really sure which is worse.........taking them or not taking them......... I understand

Raine said...

Hell the experiements with the pills have damn near killed me more than once- I totally get it tart

Hopefulsl said...

Hey Tart!
I sure do hope you have better luck this time? I know my sis Tracy can relate with you.
I know its hard on you and everybody around you. I'll put in a little prayer for you!
Hang in their Tart!!!!
hopefulsl-hugs to you...

'Tart said...

Hi guys-
Thank you to of all for your comments and prayers. They really picked me up today as I read them! Also, thank you to all for your understanding:):) and you're right Stacy, it's hard on my family, but somehow they put up with me and we pull through.:)