Saturday, June 7, 2008

The online Siamese rescue is for real!

Siamese cat pics, off the web

I was reading in a magazine for animals and it was talking about one the saddest, meanest and greediest scams there are out there: reprehensible people who 'sell' animals online, many times sight unseen, to unsuspecting buyers, often scamming them by taking wire transfers, giving no dog or animal or coming from puppy mills. (Don't get me started).

Please don't buy your next pet online, sight unseen for certain. That said, I had a WONDERful experience when I RESCUED a cat online. Specifically with the near insane cat people of the Siamese cat rescue site . I found them online, Googling, just like every person who's looking does.

These people grilled me, wanted references and everything but my personal DNA and firstborn child (well, they paired me with a cat that doesn't like children, hence we get along so well. I mean HE doesn't like children, and I happen to not have any! Hee hee).

It was clear that they were real, I had an interview, on the telephone, several times, with my specific interviewer, I talked with the foster, and these people are not only thorough, they are Cat People and nearly insane.
My husband and vet can attest to this. They insisted on my vet filling out a form, as well, and a plethora of checks and balances to make sure that I, I was the proper fit for 'their' cat and not, by God, the other way around. (I take that back. They actually rejected my first requests for a specific cat or two because it didn't match what I was looking for, and they knew that neither I or the cat would be happy until the right match was made.)

That's real love, for the cats of course! And THAT is people after my own heart. After two years of having him, they still want the vet to check him every year and they like contact with my kitty. I was never really put off by this process, more amused than anything. And excited. Because I got my Siamese kitty and he is a BEAUT!

My kitty was a mid-westerner, dropped off at an SPCA there, then had a doting, loving and wonderful foster meowmy that I still send pictures to this day who lived states away from his origins and myself.

When it finally came time to get my kitty, Husband and I drove and stayed in a hotel (our choice, to save them gas and time, even way back then) and met the Siamese (Meezer) Express the next day to receive our kitty. They try very hard to keep the cat within certain state zones to reduce trauma on the cat.

I know that some people are put off by the whole process, and all I can say is "Good." I'd rather the process weed out the impatient, greedy people who can't wait in line in a store, or fill out paperwork and wait for a process, much less wait for their puurrrfect kitty, a living being that has already been through too much. Period and really.

I made a 'donation' to get one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen (and my vet is stunned and glories in my cat's beauty each visit), and it was worth it because the work they do is just phenomenol, rescuing cats in MUCH worse condition that mine was, much more abused, much more traumatized (and mine is still and always will be a little 'jumpy' - I think its just his way).

It takes a special person to want and to be able to live with a Siamese. Sure, they are beautiful, but not only do you have to take care of a cat, you get a talker with hair (and sometimes fangs. Mine has fangoras). I know a true Siamese is a short hair, but think of your allergies, think of the time it takes to clean that pooh box, think of well...everything. Know he will get sick someday or sooner, and You Are Responsible for his life.

Well enough said, I wanted to give a shout out to a classy online agency that really does care for animals, and my personal experience with it.

I'm out for now. Pleasant day, all!



Tracy said...

Awww what a nice post to the rescue place you got your cat. Thank you for sharing. I think it very important to make sure you are dealing with loving people when adopting any animal.

Hugs and blessings.

Jena said...

That's so great that you adopted a cat! We adopted ours from a shelter in our town. Our first was really messed up and crazy when we got her but it's been a year and she's finally softened up. Our second one we got a few months later is a bit younger and they do great with each other! I love having cats. I love cats. :)

hopefulsl said...

Hi Tart!
Just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog.
And yes I'm glad you feel this way about animals. I have three little guys myself. Rollie Pollie, Zippo and newest to our family is Lillie Bell. I look forward to reading more of your blog.
Thanks for liking my blog so far. You can give my sister Tracy all the credit...
Talk to you again soon!
hopefulsl, also known as Stacy

'Tart said...

Hey hopefulsl (Ms. Stacy),
Welcome to my blog! It is so good to see you here! Thank you that you agree with me on how animals should be treated - in my world, loved, adored, and (ahem) spoiled, and nothing less will do! You have a great sister and kudos to her on the beautiful site you are developing. Like I said, I love the cursor (un butterfly! as they say in a 'Bug's Life'). I'm really glad you're in blogland and I hope you have a whole lot of fun with it.

'Tart said...

Hey Tracy - yes, it is important to know who you're dealing with when getting an animal. I have, and my family has made mistakes in the past in our buying an animal I think, but no animal is a mistake, but I sometimes wonder if the people who wrong them aren't.

Hi Jena! My goodness I could tell you stories about my kitties and the long history and travails I went thru to make sure I have one in our home, and its even more than what the Siamese people put me thru. But That's another post! I adore them, too! Cat people Rock!

Mary said...

It's so nice to see someone who loves animals so much. I too love animals and have 2 dogs and a cat, and we would do anything for them. They love us unconditionally, and lately because I have been severely depressed the dogs won't leave my side. They know when there is something wrong, what a better way to make you feel loved ....Mary

'Tart said...

Dear Mary,
Welcome to my blog, and I want to say that I am sorry that you are feeling depressed. You are in the right place, because as a bipolar I've experienced many feelings of up, down and all around, and I welcome you here!

I am glad that your animals 'soothe your soul' and they know that their meowmy and dogmama needs their special lovin's. I know that animals are wonderful therapy in and of themselves.:)

I was impressed by your blog and your life's work, when I visited your profile. God bless you, and I wish you better feeling days.