Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm going to the pool tomorrow!

I am all excited for this seemingly small to some people excursion that my Mom and I are taking, well, to the pool.

It's one of these places that have classes, lap lanes, etc. I feel quite pessimistic about just showing up and paying for a whole year for some place I haven't been to in quite a long time, so I'm pleased that they have day passes and its a nominal fee and that's what I'm prepared to pay for tomorrow.

To make it more fun, I have gone to a local sporting goods store and picked out inexpensive adjustable goggles and a spandex-type swimming cap. I don't think I can figure out how to get the latex kind on my noggin' and I've tried everything out now and they fit just fine! I look so retro 1920's, at least head wise, and I imagine I will when I put my suit on, because I think I'm going to wear the one with the skirt. (It's the first skirted suit we ever bought for me, and my family compliments me on it, which makes me think why didn't I think of hiding my thighs years ago!?:)

One of the few exercising 'regimines' that I enjoyed as a youth, or even did was Swim Team. I did it one summer, between freshman and sophomore year in high school, and never was a competitive genius (I won one heat ever in competition) and got to the point where I was so nervous to jump in during competition that I gave up competition near the end of the summer and just went to practice everyday, because I loved it. I knew something spectacular had happened after that because I could RUN in P.E. the following year.

So I'm no stranger to goggles or a lap lane, or swimming for that matter. I have my issues with breathing, believe it or not, so maybe I'll get over that. But before I let myself take a lane I'm going to do water aerobics with all the 'fat' ladies and try to have a ball and 'feel the burn.' Cause that's what it's all about.:)


Tracy said...

I wish i was taking this with you! I totally would have fun in that class if i had a friend to do it with. You will have to tell me how you did. I am excited for you, and proud! I know how much courage it takes to get out there in a suit in front of others ! I shall call you soon. It has been a crazy few days for me. I might explain on my blog tomorrow.

Hugs Tart, and know i am thinking of you!

'Tart said...

It's so good to hear from you, Tracy!

I admit I was a little worried when I didn't get your response, usually Early Morning, this morning on my post. I am so glad you are doing okay and I look forward to your call and post on your blog.

I know you are busy, and I am thinking of you too.

Jena said...

wow are you ever brave! i can not swim at ALL i can tread to stay alive for a few minutes but that's about it... and i don't even think my hair would fit in a cap and i wouldn't be caught dead in goggles! lol ... not only that but no skirt could cover up my thunder thighs and no number of fat ladies could mask my insecurity.


'Tart said...

Thank you, Jena, for your words of support!

It turned out it was 'older ladies' and many quite more fit than I. One woman told my Mom she has lost 60 pounds over time going to that place, mixing it up with other activities besides our Aqua class! Wow!

I saw myself in a mirror and and we were occasionally being watched by children and I was somewhat appalled (my arms looked big, if that weren't insult to injury!), but I did feel safer being in a pool with women of all different backgrounds doing the class. It was pretty nice. I may go again this morning.:)

I think it's one of the rare few things that I can do, exercise wise, because I am not fond of even a walk on land, with or without dogs, or at least I don't give myself the chance to do it, honestly.

I also ignore the fact that I'm lucky to be able to do this for myself. Many women are there for their children, getting them ready after a class so they can go on with their day, I don't see many my age getting to enjoy themselves in a class. But that's not for me to worry about, I have decided.

Thanks for coming by and I'll have to check out how things are going for you. Thank you for understanding how traumatic this was for me, even though it sounds nearly silly/retarded.:)

Raine said...

Good decision! Yougo for you and dont worry bout everybody else. I hope you enjoy the heck out of it. By the way my suit has a skirt too. LOL . Im impressed that you went. Its hard going out among "people" I know........ least its hard for me and I am fairly certain its hard for you too. I think that most of the stuff that I think they are thinking......? I think that is the dyshporia talking :S It would be so cool if I could make MS bi-polar in my brain shut up. I love your words " its not for me to worry about" Thats great healthy thinking

'Tart said...

Hey Raine!
Thank you for dropping by and for your words of support too!

I appreciate being told I have 'healthy thinking!' That is so lovely. I have been feeling much better even, I think both because of med changes and the exercise.

It has been mostly entirely a joy going to the pool, the ladies are so nice, and I don't hardly perceive the 'judgement' that I thought I might (and I know you know what I mean, how our brain works funny and I do understand about thinking others think the worst of us:). I like how I can be me, be cordial to others and I seem to be accepted! It's great because everyone is doing their own thing and I love being in a 'mature audience' class. LOVE it!

I'll probably gush more about swimming since I've done it every day this week! I wish everyone could get in the pool and feel this good. Some part of me is afraid if I say that then it will go down the drain, but what the hey, I'm enjoying myself right now! Again, thanks for coming by!:)