Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hey! Spring is Sprung, and so are my new Colors!

Cedar-covered bridge, Winterset, Iowa

Thanks Mysti for noticing Jungletart's color changes! I love Spring for the flowers and promise of less fog, snow, the 'stuck insides,' and probable SAD disorder all lessening! And just so you all know, violet, or purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel thereby creating these harmonious looking colors. Maroon, or mauve, happens to be my favorite color (an almost red), so I had to use that as much as possible (on the sidebar).

Basically, I discovered I could change color and font (no font changes at this time) Today! How 'primovera!' New stuff for a new month.


Servidores said...

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MYSTI said...

I also love spring. I am so looking forward to spending time in the sun, and soaking up its warmth. I love the Maroon colors on your page. When i come to your blog and see these colors and the pics i feel calmness, and peace. :) I really enjoyed the time we spent today together.

Blessings my friend and big time hugs!