Thursday, April 17, 2008

WHAT!!? Not everyone considers furbabies as fur-children!!??!

I guess I can see the neighbor's problem. My small, adorable black pug only barks like a crazed doggie when she see's their kid, a small girl. My pug, has issues with the small variety of human. They are strange, a source of concern, or perhaps she's playing with them, I don't know. But she is consistent.

We have other pugs here, my other fawn, and my Mom's fawn, for a total of 2 other pugs that came to check out the fuss. So I had told my Mom to call me if my little one barked or carried on.

The thing is, she won't do it unless the loud (I can hear her) child comes to the fence and babbles and goads the dog into a frenzy. I mean that, the dog is fine without neighbors child or mowing next to the fence, the two things I've seen get her going.

The short of it, is the Dad of child drags her away from the fence muttering something about 'Not right to have 3 dogs..'

Ouch. Not only did he not accept my apology for my puggie, which I don't think she started anyway, it's clear that they don't understand the love we have for our dogs. It was not a frenzy with the 3 of them, the other two were just THERE.

So, I would be surprised if I ever have a human child, being pumped full of drugs and already owning a ripe hormonal system. However, I'm doing well with the fur-children and I will just have to accept that human parents don't see it the same way.

I'm lucky I'm allowed to speak to people with children, after all I'm such a FREAK, as a 36-year old woman who has not reproduced. Can we take into account that during the years of prime reproduction I had three scorching cases of psychoses? I mean, we should be impressed with that and the fact that lately I've been hiding my tarkinesia as I can. Could a Mom be more superhuman?

Ah well, its a good thing that people like me are so tolerant of the rest. But I'm not impressed with the squealing and outright ruckuses in restaurants, and if I was saddled with it - the constant responsibility, the incredible possibility to screw up and the kid turns out 'bad,'and I'm not interested in my local PTA, because I've taught children and they were a delight, their parents were the nightmare - so why rock the boat on having what is already populating Earth too much anyway.

My illness is not my fault, but my ability to use reproductive shields successfully is apparently something to further be amazed with. I'm grateful for my consolation prizes and I'll try not impinge on parental territory any more than they should cut on what I consider my joy. I think I deserve some.

Next post: PMS, the scorge I can't rid myself of, besides Bipolar. What frkn frustration.


BPD in OKC said...

My husband and I haven't been able to have a child yet, but we adopted a puppy last summer. He instantly became our child. We basically babied him like we would of a child. He's been barking pretty loud a lot lately, but it's only when he's provoked by the neighbor's dogs or kids, squirrels, or birds. One neighbor made a comment about him barking, but she has no room to talk cuz her dog is just as loud.

Basically I just ignore the neighbors. I have just as much right to have my "baby" as they do.

'Tart said...

Thank you, BPD in OKC, I appreciate your positive comments.

I wondered if the guy had a point about 3 dogs in my County, like that was against the law, but we went online and haven't found anything wrong about it.

His daughter was never in danger. She drove up to the fence in her Barbie thing and only a tiny black pug freaks out about her and was probably the only one doing so until I came to get her and the others got interested.

I wonder why he can't see that his kid was goading my dog and giggling and enjoying it too. I thought it jerk of him, really.

But then I pull back and say, I don't have kids, maybe all parents act as though their child is an angel, even though they're not and right in front of their eyes. But I felt like he was cutting on MY furbabes/children and I just don't think I like that neighbor anymore. Chance given, he ba-lew it. Next.:)

MYSTI said...

You know what? It sounds like your neighbor is the problem! They really should tell their child (teach) they should not harass animals. Sheesh I grew up with a ton of animals, more dogs and cats, among other pets such as raccoons, goats, geese, chickens and lol rabbits. My parents had six kids! What the heck does having three dogs have to do with their child egging your cute dogs along. Its there problem not yours sweet Tart. Anyhow, its there problem not yours. They are the one with the child who they are not teaching to have a respect for animals.


'Tart said...

Thanks Mysti! Hugs back at 'cha!

I respect what you are saying because your kids have turned out wonderfully and frankly, you did too. If you as a Mom think the kid should be 'xplained to, I'm glad you not so secretly agree with me.
Hugs some more,

MYSTI said...

I gave you a special award on my blog sweet Tart. To pick it up and post it on your blog all you have to do is copy and paste the award from my site. Grins. Know i feel so blessed to have a friend such as you in my life.

Hugs and blessings!

MYSTI said...

Oh wait, told you wrong. You click the award and view it, then save the picture unto your computer. :) Then you can put it on your side bar. I hope you enjoy it!