Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here's a link for you: Benny the Bipolar Puppy

I never did learn how to make links into tidier links.

But this story from Bipolar Planet actually made me CRY (not so hard to accomplish) because I related to it so much.

That was me, the bipolar child.

And most of all, I related to the beauty of the world after being locked up in the hospital and after the exhaustion of the mood roller coaster.

It's sweet, enjoy.


MYSTI said...

Tart I think you are one brave lady. You have told be before about your growing up years, and the things you have dealt with since, but you always seem to amaze me with not only how courageous you are, but how you always keep moving forward in a positive manner.

Thank you for sharing this story, it really made the reality of bipolar easier to see and understand.


MYSTI said...

OOOHHHHH love the new color of your page!