Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm back...With a New Hobby!

So I wasn't in the mood to blog (!) which directly correlated with my hormonal schedule.:) I even went a whole day or two with no computer! How was this possible? My Mother is cleaning out things, and gave me this fabulous Casio keyboard! I have been having so much fun with it! So new hobby for the 'Tart.

Other things I could have blogged about: I went to PDoc on Monday and had my Lithium reduced even more. The crackpot still doesn't understand that its the Abilify that is giving me tarkenisia symptoms (the constant grinding teeth has got to STOP!) but I am playing guinea pig where he will see that reducing the one does not stop the symptoms and finally have to deal with the culprit. Meanwhile, I live on less Lithium, which I'm happy with. Less drugs, I like.

The other bloggable note: Reese went to the Vet. He has an infected eye, but believe me, everything else is working fine. He's a skwirmy little thing and hates to be handled by our very capable Vet (can you see I have more faith in him than my own Pdoc???). Reese even went to bite the Vet when receiving a shot in the hip (can you blame him?). So all is well. I am alive and keyboarding away.:)


Jenalexa said...

oh, that's so awesome about your keyboard!!! I have a keyboard too, i'm just waiting to be able to afford an interface so i can start recording my stuff, as a fellow keyboarder ;)
Have fun!!

BPD in OKC said...

My husband had an awesome keyboard, but he loaned it to a friend and the friend never gave it back. It's been about 2 years now, so I don't think we're getting it back. :(

MYSTI said...

OH this sounds so much fun! I know you will have many hours of fun playing the keyboard. Hugs

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Tart....with a keyboard.....hmmmmm.....well, at least the neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief that you didn't get a drum set! HA HA Have a great Day!