Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Good Day

Well, I guess life is good today.

I got in the hot tub first thing this morning. I've never mentioned on blog that we have one. It was my mother's, but I think it's going to stay here, even though she is in the process of buying property in Florida and could've potentially yanked it.

Don't get me wrong, I think she would tear it away from our house and plop it on a Mack truck to get it down there, but she doesn't need to because she found a great community place that has a pool AND hot tub, and they monitor its chlorine, all that great stuff.

Our flowers are in full bloom in the back yard, some who's time is nearly over, some just getting ready to bloom, some so open, colorful and gorgeous that there's nearly no words. That is nice to look at when you are in the h. tub, with a large tarp thing billowing above and the sun to your back, and you got up at 9 a.m. or so. and you know you're sucking in Vitamin D.

Aw yeah, Heaven in the Suburbs. Just surrounding me are people who don't have hot tubs, and not the nice landscaping we do. This may be because my family has had 30 years in the same house, and that's a long time to make things pretty, regardless of neighbors. Thanks Mom and Dad. She is mostly responsible for doing that, while Dad made the money for her to do that. True.

So then, I talked to a friend (non-blogger) which is nice, then I got to go to lunch with my husband. This requires me driving to him, something that wasn't happening before this past Saturday, since I got out of the hospital for Lithium toxicity. I was too jangled before, the time wasn't right, and I knew that was a debacle in waiting if I got behind the wheel.

But I'm no chicken and when Husband said, "If you don't drive soon, we're going to sell your car," that pretty much did it. I don't THINK so.

His goading worked and I tried it, driving the car away from a gas station and back home. I cling to the steering wheel a little hard, I feel a wee bit shaky, but worry not - America's roads are safe with me driving on them. It's the rest of the crackpots that there's not enough cops for. (Said like a true Tart.)

So I drove to see him, and we went to the best Chinese restaurant that I know of. I was so looking forward to it. We have been there many times. I knew the first day, years ago, that I got my first Hot & Sour soup there that this experience was primo - it's the only place that uses clear broth for the soup, instead of brown glycerine matter. For Hot & Sour soup afficianados, you know what I mean. I Love it!

And all of their food is top notch and the inside of the restaurant is upscale but not too good for the likes of us. I have told them many times how good they are (they say they are being healthy and are quite humble, but proudly receive our compliments).

The local paper needs to write about them. I think they have, but this Chinese restaurant is in a different county than the paper I worked for. I don't tell its name or location here for security purposes, but let me tell you, I enjoyed every bit of my meal there today. And it's nice to see Husband.

Now I get to blog (fun!) and my Mom got her storage Pod delivered back home, so I'm dreaming about all the stuff she'll want to get rid of that maybe I can sell at the big community yard sale, or Ebay. Yes, I sometimes sell on Ebay (extra new truth made available on my blog) but I don't share my Ebay handle to continue my anonymous (but oh so giving of info and me) presence in blog land. Sufficeth to say, that it's a lot of fun.

So far I've had a good day. I don't know what mood I'm in, except that its not down. I had to take a sleeping pill last night to get to sleep, I was doing the thoughts racing-no way I was getting to sleep in general- thing so recently I must have been manic. Most of all, I'm just happy to be driving again, because it really is the freedom that all the teens and (even illegal?) immigrants realize when they finally get to do it.

I think driving, for me, is beating some kind of anxiety I have, some knowledge of ER's and the inside of a hospital, and how easy it is to get yourself in one, including car accidents, even if it's not your fault, type of anxiety. (I have so many anxieties now). So I'm brave and happy today. I guess I'll change my imood to reflect this looooong post.:)


BPD in OKC said...

I'm glad that you're having a good day. Hopefully your mom doesn't take away the hot tub. I desperately want a hot tub, but we can't afford one.

MYSTI said...

I am so glad you had a great day! The hot tub sounds like heaven... And one can never get to much vitamin D in my opinion. I have tried hard getting in the sun today, and did so for a bit, but had such a bad headache today i felt dizzy. My eyes are totally off. Was going to write in my blog, but not sure what to say other then I am having pain days. :( Anyhow....I am so happy you are doing well. Hugs