Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Be an emotional Warrior - Bipolar-style

Be an emotional Warrior.

I'm talking to the bipolar's out there, the one's who know they are, the one's who have no diagnosis but are thinking they might be, the one's in short that this is REAL for.

Choose light, choose right, go for the difficult - be courageous.

The soul is a very real concept to a bipolar. It is under constant bonbardment. It is up. It is down.

You can decide for yourself who or what is causing that. I say that because so many people refuse to believe that chemicals in the brain are responsible. But doesn't that make a hell of a lot more sense than the boogeyman entering your life and doing it? Brain chemicals are almost pinpointable. No?

I understand soul. I am down with that, I am very entangled in it on a daily basis.

I am starting to understand that there is something above that, SEPARATE from that. Separate from the goings ons of my turmoil, my push daily, my courage, even.

That is Spirit. Everyone has got both soul & spirit and its up to them what they do with them, or even if they get in touch with one or either.

I'm just learning about spirit, communing with it, learning the difference between soul and spirit. I'm no expert, period. People write entire books on the subject and I have only a fleeting hold on the concept at the moment.

But I know it's there. I know I'm proud of mine because I've been tested in all three major appliances: spirit, soul and body and I did good (my psychoses, my daily Life). I know, in my heart, that my Dad's in a good place, seeing his family, somehow I'll see him again. Maybe he watches and intervenes in my life, I don't know.

I can't GIVE that feeling, knowledge, whatever, to another. I can only state it and say you'd have to consider that any of these things are possible, if you are wondering, for yourself.

Being an emotional Warrior means don't give in to the dark and fight against the daily, moment to moment dying of the light (dy. of the l. is a song), the really hateful, sad, down, parts, especially. Don't give in to the really low stuff. You know what I mean. Recognize the miracle of how you kept yourself going. We do it daily, and receive nearly 'no props' for it.

I wonder if some people rely on their families and think if they are downers, I must be too. So be even more courageous and fight against the nasty and for at least a little good - for Your own family. Why not be the crazy example of the person who does the right things? It rubs off.

Fight against pessimism, as much as you can. It's fun to commiserate, and share the fights and battles, but it's not everything. The willingness to have an open heart and also try to 'stay in the light' so to speak, is beyond courageous, and people notice it.

That's incredible courage, I've always said, those little wins, those little known things, usually, and that's what a person should try to attain, or attempt.

That's not to say that it isn't hard as hell to fight the illness, nor can any of us be "Happy Harriet's" all the time, or try to be. Some ideal of perfect emotional happiness is just unreal and not right as an expectation for a bipolar. I was told to 'accept who I am' and I'm getting damn good at it.

I just encourage the fight for bipolars and for them to recognize their own worth, their own courage, in the fact that they ARE fighting. You simply wouldn't be here if not. It's what I have to impart, and it's also what and who I am.

Thank you. And good night. Or day, as it were. Carry on. My wayward son, they'll be peace when... well, whatever.


MYSTI said...

Awesome Post. :)

'Tart said...

Thank you, Mysti.:)

Jena said...

hmm. very philisophical!