Saturday, April 12, 2008


Most of the people I see blogging, blog what they feel like at the time, chronicling their life, day to day activities, etc.

I was interested when I read a 'blog' or internet something about consistency and not going on tangents, since search engines can only do so much, I guess to bring readers to your page. It was in fact about Realty and I think it was instructing the bloggers or web page makers in that field (and anyone reading?) about this concept consistency.


I don't think I would ever be 'accused' of consistency since I go all over the place and frankly, that's me folks. I'm bipolar and inconsistent and that makes every bit of sense.

That's what I've got Bipolar Planet for, to bring people who understand/wonder what it's like being human and bipolar. They are of my greatest interest, frankly.

If you were so lucky to talk to me in person, you would find me on tangents in moments. Can't help it. My friends are people who can stand this. I've known people who kept talking and I did not get a word in edgewise. It would happen so much that they took for granted that I must have no speech.

"Friendships" like this fall to wayside. I even had someone tell me that I never spoke and she was 'letting me go.' Hunh. Smart beyotch, in that case.

For those who read this stuff and don't just Google/Yahoo/Blogger Connie Talbert ad nauseum, hey thanks. I'm just a bipolar coming up with this crap for you nearly daily and it can't be easy for either of us.

As far as consistency goes, I think I've stayed on topic within this post (Bonus!) but I go all over the place. What stays is that I'm intelligent and come up with these little topics for us to discuss at all. I hope you, dear Reader, have a good day. I mean that from my inconsistent heart.


MYSTI said...

Honestly Tart i think your blog does stay on topic. It deals with Bipolar and your every day struggles and thoughts. If you get off topic at times (which I have not seen.) that is part of being bipolar. All your write stays on the focus of who you are, what you think, what you go through, and how life in general is when dealing with Bipolar. You do a great job my friend in sharing what it is like to be bipolar. I think many would say the same thing. Your page brings enlightenment to the topic. Keep up the great work!

Hugs and blessings!


MYSTI said...

Laughs i left out one thing.... You are bipolar and brilliant! Just like you said. Grinning wide.

'Tart said...

Thank you, Mysti for your comments. I guess I see that. That gives me a lot of freedom to just say and be who I want.

I think I use my counter and see that normies consistently search engine in certain things, and I don't get keyword bipolar a lot. But the truth is, who cares about that?

I started my blog for much different reasons than to be consistent for normies and have them find 'their thing' all the time. But if they do, how neat.

I write to edify myself, truth is all writers do. I just started reading a book (!) that talks about this. More on the blog.

Again, thank you so much my friend for your kind comments and help. It is so sweet of you.

Jenalexa said...

the nice part of bipolar blogs is we can blog however we want... and we usually have a mutual understanding :)

Raine said...

My blog stays on topic. The topic is me and whatever I am thinking about at that moment LMAO!!!