Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Ocean is coming! The Ocean is coming!!!!!

Husband took me to a movie last night. We saw 'Blades of Glory.' We enjoyed it.

As usual, despite the fact that went to see a COMEDY, they still played a promo for what I call a scary movie, though not as completely supernaturally weird as usual. 'Disturbia' plays on your fears of getting thrown into the next door neighbor/serial killer's secret inner basement and tortured/killed. Not a fear of yours? Oh. Still a load of crap, and I couldn't help saying out loud, "Uh, HELLO, came here for a COMEDY!" Americans, get up, unite about something. If not about the state of our union, then the damn sniveling crap we're fed, especially as a preview. I never tire of bitching about being slammed with subservient wretched movie fodder when I just paid $10 (one person!) to go OUT to the movies. I've said it before and I'll wait for another 2 years or so to go out to my next movie to SAY IT AGAIN.

Well, there were good things. Namely, the fact that Oceans's 13 and Shrek 3 and Spidey 3 are a' comin'!!! All will be summer must sees. Don't have stills from Shrek y Spidey 3 but for those that share my splendid taste, I did capture Ocean stills, the 'good' ones off MSN a moment ago. A little premenstrual h_rniness for your viewing pleasure.

Come to my bedrooooooom...



Hottie, Hot, Hot.

Yeah. There seems to be a consensus on what envelopes man suaveness. Apparently, it's George Clooney's white debonair shirt and coat. Mm!! Oh, and all the guys are back, it looks like there's even a plot (so rare with this much man candy - JK, I loved both the other films.:) and oh, you recall that one of the those guys is Brad Pitt? Yesss, and the Bourne Supremacy guy (he really is a cutie) Yeah, and I love Bernie Mac too. Nuff said.


Raine said...

yeah that is one fine looking man

Eni said...

I went to see a movie recently, yes by my self. What was the name of it? .... premonition I think it was. Yeah, it's a bit of a thriller, but not like a chase you down kind of movie.

They played a preview for a down right scary come to get you kind of movie. I kid you not, i tossed my popcorn up in the air cuz it scared the..... out of me. I then laughed at myself, but I get your point.

Oh, and I don't like when a movie is okay for children - not really small children, but not old teenagers either - and they play previews for all adult movies. Sex, violence, gore... blah!!!

Okay, giving you your soap box box and cheer you on!