Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bomb em rotten, right into the StoneAge - right in time for Easter (blessings to you!)

Well, now that Iran has released Western sailors I do believe its time to bomb the f*ck out of them, don't you?

When known bullies do bad rotten things they get punished. The cops go to their house and take 'em down. Don't tell me we don't know where President Whatever of Iran lives. Bomb the fucks. Pay the price. Don't let them get away with it. Presidente Bush has made it clear he doesn't negotiage with anyone, not even the American people. Fine. I'm all for that. If you're gonna cut ties with everybody including the ties that hold you up, have the decency to give us all a little satisfaction and bomb em, behead them, start a little military coup. Make it interesting for me, G*ddamn it but make those motherf*ck*rs pay the price.

Here's what gets me the most. THEY (as in the Iranians) think this is all some fabulous media blitz and LOOK what huge favors they have performed for the West. I paid close to attention to this one - they said they are releasing the prisoners in and I quote, "In Celebration of Christ's Death."

That's it, "Christ Death." and blah, blah about Muhammad. Easter is NOT about Christ's DEATH. That was but a momentary 3 day long thing. It is about His RISING from the grave and being a permanent source as a risen Supreme Being. Are these people devil worshippers delighting in His horrible man-made death? No Christian celebrates the Death of Jesus. They wait with hope and celebrate the incredible miracle of His love. What is the deal - the spin makers and media cranks for President Whatever of Iran couldn't get it right? Never the heard the Good News apparently and certainly didn't think people would care about the VERY TELLING SEMANTICS of what their sick statement about Easter REALLY says? Bomb the f*ckers. Jesus would say turn the other cheek and let them take Irish Air Men next time, so no I'm not being very Christian about the whole thing (admittedly, not at all!) but let's not have a bunch of Muslim fucknut liars who think they're pulling the wool over our eyes and having a personally orchestrated media frenzy define what Christianity is or how 'kind' they are by 'respecting' it. What a load of crap.

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