Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I'm here, Spring is sprung, and you get to go WHERE!!?

How amazing Spring!

I've done a major modify and I choose Spring as my favorite season. I like the budding beauty, the impossible not to notice flowers and trees everywhere. You could drive off the side of the road from all the beauty nature is shoving forth.

Yes! The Tart is back!

I told you it would happen. You can count on it, just like Spring is purty.

Well, this short time period has not been without its issues. I'm debating how deeply to go into things. I can say that my Dad's service was lovely. It's not something that you look forward to doing or want to do, but I'm proud to say that I was able to stand and speak as well as read the obituary I wrote for him. That being my previous 'profession' well, it kicked ass just like you would expect it to. It wasn't hard because he was an amazing man. (And neither he nor I would ever have to jump up and down on a couch to prove it. :)

Well, the one thing that has helped so much through this time is this nifty little device that Husband found at the drug store. I'm telling you this thing is worth its weight several times in gold and has really and truly changed my life. I'm talking about my pillbox timer.

Made by Timex, the best part about it is it makes the Med Experience fun! It does this because I still haven't gotten over the fact that it speaks - Take pillbox 1, Take pillbox 1 - yes, it SAYS that. It's a simple concept - set the alarm for when to take your meds, up to 6 possible alarms, you don't have to use them all.This little beauty cost approximately $15.

I ACTUALLY GET UP IN THE A.M. NOW!!!! This my friends, is a Holy Miracle.

I had important work in the past two weeks. I couldn't sleep till 2 p.m. and get away with it. Even if I'm not perfect and getting super early, I get up when my pillbox SAYS so and start my day. This is a God send for me, and I'm sharing with the Internet universe. I can take a picture of the thing and put it up. I think it is so helpful for people like me who have to take meds consistently every day day. It's hard for everyone to keep up with it, even if you mean well and are responsible and know that taking meds is key to health and in fact, key to mental power.

I am so beastly, guess what!! I am going to be gone AGAIN! I get to go on an Easter cruise!! Yes, I know you are saying it couldn't happen to a nicer and more deserving person (besides yourself, right?) Well, this has been planned for months, via my MIL for herself, FIL and all of her children and grandchildren. I will be hitting Key West and the Bahamas (just in time for AN's baby DNA testing debacle!) Maybe I can get tickets! :( Ouch, that's just a little too truthful. Never did someone need a vacation, hun. We are so ready to go, except of course we are not 'READY' still getting a kennel, packing, the gammut.

Not if all THAT wasn't enough, and if my Dad passing wasn't enough, we had a BIG problem because when I submitted my (original) birth certificate with my passport application (something that for some very dumb reason family wanted us to do. You don't NEED a passport to get on a cruise, but you must at LEAST have your birth certificate) the State Department (I'm not making this up. I have too much juicy non-fiction in my life to even start thinking fiction) sent me a letter wanting all kinds of id and enough info to issue me a security clearance along with my passport. That means the little bastards have my b.c. So, we sent away for a replacement b.c and luckily RECEIVED it after a very tense week of 'oh hell, what are we going to do.'

So, one serious hurdle overcome. Yaaaaaaaay!

Then today, Husband started having very sharp lower back pains. God bless his fortitude, he actually made an appointment with his doctor where he diagnosed him with a kidney stone. They were making us wait for a referral to a urologist, but Husband was in so much pain they finally came to their senses and told us to go the emergency room. When we got there, they asked him to rate his pain on a level of one to ten, and bless his heart, he said nine. It hurt so much that he couldn't help but cry a little. Well, they doped him up in no time, took a CAT scan and said it was a small stone and that it would pass on its own and at home. So, lots of water and a little strainer to catch that puppy when it emerges. You have to save it for the urologist to analyze.

He is going to be fine. All this did was cut down a day for me to get a lot of things done. It also proved that I'm a fine advocate. Believe it or not, I know how to be nice enough to get things done, but tenacious and tough enough to get things done. Which I did wonder about me, since my 'mom skills' don't get tested on a daily basis. It's nice to know they are there if needed.

So, once again, I'll be gone for a week after this Friday, returning the next Friday. Have a fabulous Easter. :)

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MYSTI said...

Yayyyy you are back! Yayyyy again you get to go on a well deserved vacation! I hope you have a blast my friend! Take lots and lots of pictures! You will be in my thoughts and prayers as always. Glad hubby is going to be okay. Kidney stones really hurt I am told. Poor guy! I am also very proud of you being able to talk at your fathers funeral. Missed you lots my friend. We shall talk when you get back!