Friday, April 6, 2007

That's not an apology!

Um, as you can tell I was rotten angry when I wrote my last post. I'm not taking it down because I do think the Iranian government sucks a big one. But I was not suggesting in any way that the Christian thing to do was bomb them. I think anyone with small clues to being a proper Christian can see that He wouldn't sanction that one. Well, maybe - you know He did get mad about things, but only the really important stuff. I admit to be a learner, not a teacher of His ways.

No, bombs and such were just what I inwardly felt, when I see them get away with terrorizing innocent people. Thinking that they are getting away with patronizing us about our own Christianity is rilesome as well. For instance, we could round up some Iranians in a detention camp and let them out on Muhammad's birthday, whenever the hell that is, to show our good faith. That's what I'm talking about - it just aint right.

Let's face it, the world is not going to get anything but scarier, more terrorized especially in some parts of the world as time goes on. We have a fine chapter in the Bible about it and I really should read it sometime to get caught up on the details. I'm just being truthful, I'm not as learned on that stuff as I should be. I'm definitely a bipolar with occasional rage issues, but again, that's just me.

Oh, see 'you guys' in a week. I'm on vaa-ca-tion.


MYSTI said...

Have a great Vacation! Hugs!!!

Happy Easter Tart!

Raine said...

Ditto what Mysti said