Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's coming

Been thinking on the state of affairs recently. I saw a very fascinating show with the two guys who wrote the 'Left Behind' series, and a guy named Rosenthal was on who wrote 'Epicenter.'

The name of the show was fascinating to me 'Is it the End of Days?' Now, all participants readily admitted that some people think they are flat out 'crazy' to discuss such things or to be serious about it. Since I've been deemed 'crazy' or even 'unfit' to make my own decisions (I *think* I've been reinstated at some point! you know, that's something to look into, as they make quite a big deal about taking it away but I don't recall a formal hearing to get it back! Hmmmm.... :)

Also, my religious teaching was ALL about the end of the sense that these generations really are the ones to see it, usher it in, and that people need to be prepared. I don't really see anything wrong with that. I am very into the idea of emergency preparedness, if not for the fact that I haven't got my bottom in gear. But I mean well, and I know I need to focus more energies on it. And really, realistically speaking, shouldn't you always be ready to 'go?' I know that's a hard one. As a bipolar, I might be one thing, including that, and then not so much. But God did create bipolars. I'm hoping we'll come to an understanding, especially if I keep the communication lines open.

Well, regardless, if you think the Bible is right - meaning if you believe in the literal teachings/revelations within, as this fascinating 'Left Behind' biblical scholar guy completely does - its going to have to do with an anger and a blow up of tensions in the Middle East (specifically, says this guy, between Israel and Iran) and that there will be a world wide outcry concerning this 'blowup' and what sounds to me like nuclear war. I have heard of the rapture, and they make it sound nice, but frankly, it sounds to me like millions of people being boiled/incinerated instantly - a nuclear holocaust. They don't seem to say that, so I will have to delve into the Bible myself to get a real opinion, because this is like going on Biblical heresay to have it described. It was a very intesting program and a subject that I think is mucho importante since if that stuff's coming to pass, one should have their ducks in order, no? That's how is effects me.

Well, to further yacking about political stuff, I was very interested in an article in my Reader's Digest magazine (May 2007) where they interviewed Diane Sawyer. I have much respect for her, and come to think of it she's childless and doing fine, thank you. But that's not what got me. I'm such a typing hound I'm going to quote two responses from her, and then I'm over and out on this post. The first response was so true and perfectly uttered, like the sound bite I'm sure every news agency salivates for. The second I like because I think its true of human behaviour (perhaps you'll be surprised, for all my seeming jadedness.) Enjoy.

Reader's Digest: Who or what country do you think is the greatest danger to America now?
Diane Sawyer: I don't think it's a country. It is a ferocity unleashed, an anger, an ungovernable determination to blame America on the part of fanatic extremists. Countries, however menacing, are at least quantifiable. This other threat - terrorists and the shadowy intersections with nuclear capability - is not quantifiable.

RD: Do you feel pessimistic as many Americans do about resolving our problems with terrorism?
Sawyer: I don't. I'm not talking, obviously, about people in war zones who are taken captive by these horrific terrorists. But if you travel and talk to people, even those who hate you, there is such a strong common humanity in most of the world, and that has to prevail in the end.

Hopefully on Earth, as it surely will in Heaven. :) Hey, and like I've said before, even if this planet entirely winds down and all life ends, yet, it does go on, perhaps changing, but always ebbing on.

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Yes, indeed! A nuclear explosion as in 'Jericho' on TV!

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