Monday, December 11, 2006

Who Would YOU Date?

In one of People magazine's new polls this week, 54% of respondents would rather date Jude Law, and 46% wanna date Jack Black. 46% is nothing to sneeze at for Jack Black, a regular (okay somewhat hyper) guy against SUCH a Sex Symbol as Jude Law.

That would correlate with my view of the dating public being either Superficial as compared to Just Plain Smart and In Reality, with just over half going for Jude's supposed superficial naughty good LOOKS and nearly half for Jack's bad boy, silly, exuberant, funny PERSONALITY (and I'm putting it out there -he's cute too!). Not to mention that Mr. Black seems true blue to his wife, adores his new son and seems MUCH less likely to bonk the baby sitter/nanny, merely on principle alone.

After all, being smart, comical, grounded and fun ~ with personality ~ couldn't possibly outlast Botox and a drained back account for every court case paying off every nanny and minor a guy has come in contact with, could it? Yeah, I think we found a winner in Jude Law here. What a smackdown.

What are people thinking?

I'd just like to say I would like to have been alerted to answering that poll, as we all know I would have upped the pool by voting 250 or more times for Mr. Black. You see, a date with that guy would be awesome because he'd be sitting across you sipping his wine trying to seem normal while harboring, basically, the inability to carry it off, which is all I ever do in life. Then, a look would come over his eyes, sort of like inner darkness welling up within. Next, the eyebrows, the curling of the lips - now you know you're in for it. It will be like an explosion, perhaps literally, his gut swells forward, buttons popping off his tux (I am not saying this is a bad thing) and the table is rocked too and fro because he can't take the foo fooness of it ANYmore (the resturant) or perhaps he's got a great idea he's been mulling and he can control it NO LONGER. Wow! Talk about the passion, the fun, the hilarity of it all. Whatever happens after that you feel like you are talking to a real guy, who has 'good energy' as they say, perhaps even one who experiences mania occasionally :) or really just knows how to have fun and be silly.

Date with Jude Law: sips his wine and booores you to death with his foo foo English accent on topics you can't understand because they're Eeeennglish. He thinks you want him because 54% of People readers think they do, but what neither they nor he understand is that he is utterly boring. A person like this can only get sex from minors or bored costars because they are the only ones stupider than People readers to fall for it (minus myself, of course. I read it merely for research/educational purposes). Sooo, you fall asleep in your Fren du pah pah soup, waking up alone thanking yourself that you got rid of him, if only your face weren't covered in soup to do so.

I think this is a no brainer, unless you like leaving foo foo restaraunts covered in soup.

This is for you Tenacious D ;)


mysti said...

I would have to say neither.... lol If I am going out on a date with someone I want it to be someone I totally enjoy. I can not see enjoying a date with either man... lol If I had to pick, because it was pick! OK Jude Law. If I can pick another person... I would go with Orlando Bloom. Now that is one gorgeous man! As well as I think his personality would be fun.

'Tart said...

I just saw Lord of the Rings last night again and I would have to agree that Mr. Bloom is a hottie, hottie, HOTTIE (which I have bluntly stated before as well!) He really has that otherworldly yet still sexy person in L of TR and he did a great job in P of TC which between him and Johnny Depp are the reason to see every inception they come out with. Bravo to you for picking someone new. But my, wasn't that a close People poll?! Whew!