Wednesday, December 6, 2006

It's BAAAAACK!!!! And the Grinch is Gone!

That's right folks, my Christmas Spirit has returned. For those of you who were in deep mourning (and I say that only half un-seriously) over the fact that I was deeply hurt by MIL's comments over a week ago, I AM OVER IT!

To toot my own horn, I am impressed by my own resilience. I was just inches close to returning all baskets (just baskets cause I want to fill them myself) to my craft store and hand out $10 gift cards. Never one to want to make people uncomfortable with my 'lavish' gifts I was ready to give up. And I was very cranked and horrible to live with during that week, I assure you.

But plans are resumed. Thanks to mysti, I will be apple buttering and vanilla loaf baking to my hearts content since she gave me these recipes and heck, the idea for it, too. I've been planning this since October and NOBODY's GONNA STEAL MY BLISS.

I've realized I'm one of those people that really enjoys giving things at Christmas. I don't expect reciprocation, I'm not working toward getting better gifts, I just want to make things that turn out to my satisfaction and see joy on at least one person's face. I'm honestly not really sure how that fits into the Gift of Christ, as that's what the season is really all about, but the things I just stated are what gives me joy about it. Also, I love the feeling of conceiving a notion and seeing it all the way through, like I did with my Thanksgiving brownies, ribbon, tag and all. It didn't matter that it was extra work, or that no one wraps brownies like little presents for Thanksgiving. The entire affair made me enormously happy. Think of product, make product, wrap product pretty, hand out product. You heard it here!


mysti said...

I am so happy for you! Yayyyy! Okay well that brightend my day. I needed a little light to lighten the darkness anyhow.. You just gave it to me. I am so thrilled for you. Now I need to get my light fully back on and my Christmas spirit shining.

Raine said...

I totally get it. I love picking out gifts that I know my kids will truly love. I dont give a rats ass if I get anything in return. Its the fun of shopping for them ....... and getting just the right things........... I do get it !!!I always wish I was rich cause its such a great time buying and making stuff for other people:P

wolfbaby said...

Good for you!!! Inlaws can be such a pain sometimes ya know. I say do what makes you happy and the heck with what she thinks;) Enjoy the gift making!!!