Monday, December 18, 2006

'Burbian critters and Foxes that Don't give in.

Young raccoons. (Webshots)

Apparently we've got a raccoon in the vacinity. I try to go to my Dr.'s appointment this a.m. to finally get my cold treated, and my neighbor is trying to tell me the 'exciting' news that either she or her neighbor have a rabid coon under their shed and Animal Control has been called. That would be the truncated, more easily to understand version as none of it made too much sense at the time...and I had translation later from Mom, cause I didn't want to be late.

We do get critters around here, besides the usual squirrels, and things like opposums and raccoons are exotic for us. Had a 'possum a couple of months ago that required Animal Control's removal. Emma barked like crazy at it so I had to poke it with a stick and it turned around and hissed at me, confirming that it wuz indeed a-live. So I guess my neighbor's trying to save Emma's life frum a po-ten-ti-ally rabid critter. That was nice of her.

Why do people assume bonafide wild animals are always rabid? Seems rare to me that animals do get rabid but perhaps I am naive. I must admit, I thank my in-laws with giving me plenty of projects and things to do for Christmas so that I do not submit to this intoxicating hint of hysteria.


Artic fox. (Webshots)

Nope, we don't see these around here (although I HAVE seen red foxes dashing across roads (luckily not hit), lovely creatures) but this pic plainly shows an upright individual living in a cold a** world. That's how I'm feeling. STILL NO CIGARETTES - DAY 3!!!! When I literally feel my spine bending downward, as it can be wont to do, I straighten up, for me and all the folks that need that sort of thing badly. I have not given in and I'm not gonna. You're looking at a smoke free fox. Here's to mud in yer eye.


Cheesemeister said...

Rabid? Eeek!
I was walking my dachshunds one evening and ended up crossing the street to avoid a fox that was approaching. I like foxes, but it kind of made me nervous. The doxies would have been no match!

mysti said...

I am so proud of you not smoking!

Rabid animals are rather common amoung very rural areas. When we lived in upstate new york we saw several. Mainly they were racoons. Once though we did see a rabid skunk. I have not seen any rabid animals here in this area , so maybe it just depends on the area.