Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pug Meeeet!!!

Yes! This is one of the cutest things ever! I don't even have to explain how utterly wonderful that 'large dog in a little dog's body,' largest furbaby of the the Toy Group classification is! Okay, I'll further it and say that they are wonderful lap dogs, just cute as a dickens with curly tails, floppy ears, small barrelled body. Mine has the temperament of a Homeland Security hound, unfortunately she has a bit of a hair trigger. All mayhem spills loose when say, a package or delivery person comes to the door, as she just loses her mind and barks insanely while going in circles (circles are a definite puggie trait as well). BUT, they are not all like that. My mother's pug is very laid back and has an almost imperceptible bark. My mom thinks mine should be on antianxiety medication, which is almost funny but she is serious. Now I know how parents must feel about medicating children, cause I'm like "not MY dog! Do they make meds for a beast that small?" :)

Anyhow, a pug meet is where folks bring their pug babies, let 'em off leash and, well, they do what doggies do: run around after each other, sniff each others bottoms, and look for their pug parents forlornly when they realize they are a little lost. If you love pugs its just the funnest thing to be in the prescence of 20 or so snorting little darlings.

So behold, I have a slide show for your enjoyment. I had to stop myself from using the 'disco' version, as it was just hilarious but really lent an inappropriate raunchy tone to it, and these are just innocent little puggies havin' fun. Hope you're not offended by all the bottom sniffin', cause that's what they do! Smiles to you. :)

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