Saturday, July 22, 2006

Take this 'religion' and shove a Pill down its throat

Well, this whole Tom Cruise thing STILL gets to me via the stupidity of his friends. As it turns out, Scientology is filled with folks who don’t ‘believe in pills.’ That means to me, that it is a ‘religion’ that attracts people that don’t have a clue. I say that in general, but specifically regarding real illness, which includes mental illness, and how to help it. I’m wondering if these people wear garlic cloves to cure cancer.

This thinking has been spurred by my reading of the vacuous stuff that I love so much, you know celeb non-reality. I wouldn’t care normally, but I read about ‘possible sightings’ of Suri and the article had the TomKitten’s ‘good friend’ Leah Remini assuring the world that not only does she exist, but that she is normal. With a few extra ‘insights’ to boot.

As far as Suri ‘sightings’ go, its ridiculous to be looking for sightings of a baby. EVERYbody (as in celebrities with people interested in their kids) else does either a small picture or spread for a magazine to quell the interest and life goes on. That’s what the press/people are looking for. To have a tabloid interview a mother at a playground or even a half-a**ed two-bit actress/celebrity like Leah Remini (you’re thinking: Who the heck is she? The whiny/nasal wife on 'King of Queens.' You have forgotten her because Jerry Stiller, co-star, with 5 seconds of actual air time on that show has more talent and interest to him than her annoying personage. And she talks nasal in real life.) is ridiculous and unnecessary. Just provide a picture of the happy family and everyone will shut up about it. So to look for a ‘sighting’ is like searching for Satellite #256 in the southern sky in the western hemisphere on Tuesday nights. Who would bother? Either you see a picture of the damn thing for proof of its reality or you don’t care. No kid should be treated like they are UFO sighting. Whatever.

Now, all that is to set you up for what I’m really peeved and upset about. Not only does Two-bit Remini not believe in pills, which I find so very pompous and arrogant, but she had the unremitted gall to say Brooke Shields should not be allowed around a baby AND that since HER post partum was fine, why did Brooke need Paxil to get through it? Well, here it is from MSN:

"Remini, you'll recall, hasn't always had such kind words for her fellow moms. Last year, she had Cruise's back following his glib-free attack on Brooke Shields for what he called her "irresponsible" popping of Paxil to battle postpartum depression after the birth of daughter Rowan in 2003 (coincidentally, Brooke's second child, Grier, arrived on the same day and at the same hospital as Suri).

"I wouldn't trust someone who had those feelings with a baby," Remini told "Entertainment Tonight." "Do I think she needs help? Yes. Can you take a pill for something that deep? That dark? The answer is no. I got through it, but I didn't get through it by taking a pill." "

This says several things to me. It sounds to me like she is calling Brooke a bad mother. Was she supposed to send her kid away or would Remini like to call Social Services for her and have Rowan put in foster care. The truth is, serious post partum happens to people and not everyone has the resources to send their kids away. If Brooke Shields is a bad mom, if she’s feeling terrible things and needs help but pills are supposedly wrong, what does that say to the rest of us? A) If I feel scary things post partum, I am not normal, and my feelings are wrong, which makes me a bad person. B) If I take a pill, I am a weak person, I am wrong to think that medication could help me, I should rely on myself and be strong C) I may then hurt my baby, myself or struggle so badly and I have a breakdown (I assure you, they give pills in THAT hospital, LOL).

Now, I find Ms. Remini arrogant, pompous, vacuous for sure, but I now safely deem her, and the like, flat out dumbasses. What we have here is a failure to understand that some people’s postpartum is more difficult. Some people do need help. (I didn’t hear about Leah Remini losing her father during her pregnancy and I don’t recall her saying that she experienced anything psychotic, and these were happening with Brooke). I dare say, the Scientologic rhetoric includes a non-belief in psychosis at all (this is a guess). So obviously, I state again, what a pile of sh*t that is, a LIE, and a blaspheme to the mentally ill, having personally and excruciatingly experienced it twice. If I had a Scientology doctor (well I wouldn’t since they don’t even believe in psychiatry, hah!) or someone who said to my parents, “Oh well, whatever it is, I’m sure she’ll feel better if she does a few more jumping jacks” (which I was already doing.) and didn’t give me the shot of Haldol and Thoriazine in my butt, I’d sue him so bad his head would pop out of his a**hole. See, that would be negligent and mighty irresponsible, to let a person suffer life that.

Let’s talk about responsibility and the lack of it. It was truly irresponsible that Andrea Yates was not treated for post-partum depression after her fifth child (and any schizophrenia that may have popped up). Just think, that if it was standard procedure, by society and doctors, to pay attention to all of a woman, after birthing etc., and to LIFT THIS RIDICULOUS STIGMA, then she and her children would have lives.

I love this country’s values of hard-working self-reliance, seriously, but when are our morals and beliefs going to come in line with the simple concept of taking care of our problems, physical and mental, and not feel like a martyr doing it?

What can Remini be thinking? My pregnancy/postpartum was great so everyone else has it as good me? Could that possibly be more self-centered and selfish? And those words, self-centered and selfish, is what so many of those people seem like to me. The Tom Cruise event(s): Selfish. And all of this back up by their church friends: So selfish.

If they would just keep their damn opinions to themselves, they could run naked and quote Ron L. Hubbard in their little compounds all day, and it wouldn’t impact on me one little bit. But to have such stupid people, yet sometimes larger than life/celebrity ‘listened to’ people, spreading their misinformation, makes me mad because I only know too well that they are not telling the truth, and they don't care.

I just think Leah Remini is a bitch. Everything I’ve seen from her crappy TV work, to her wedding being planned on TV(pity her husband) to her ridiculous opinions. I don’t like feeling that way about all of them, because I really Want to like John Travolta’s wife (Kelly Preston) for instance, she seems so sweet. I can’t help wondering if ‘they’ (Scientogists) are all like this, though. If they keep on opening their mouths we’ll know for sure.


Raine said...

so when someone blows a hole in em, they get a tooth pulled, they have a gallbladder attack, they break a leg or whatever then we'll see just how far this dont take a pill philosphy goes wont we???

mysti said...

You said it all Tart. lol I have been sitting here thinking about what to comment, and nothing other then they follow the same rules of a Johovia Witness (spelling check) come to mind. Not very bright people in my opinion.

'Tart said...

I think upon this further: If Tom Cruise had an accident with one of his stunts say on MI:4 or 5 and somehow got addicted to painkillers he would have to repent to Ron L. Hubbard for this shame AND tell us all about it on Oprah. We'd all have to hear about how 'weak' he was to have fallen into this trap.

But the fact is, they don't discuss medication for the physical problems, they specifically target meds for mental illness/depression/postpartum which is the serious problem that I have with them.

Oh, and I thought of an addition analogy for 'Suri sightings': 'Where's Waldo'.

You know these people explained to the world about Katie's 'silent birth' which is just repressive and in truth has not much more bearing on anyone but Katie, but if they are following some ritual for the kid why don't they go off about that, maybe people would leave it alone. Or maybe, someone is realizing what baloney it all is (Katie) and there's something going on with that. Either way, they are just doing it to themselves, pompous bastards.

beepbeepitsme said...

"Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you'd have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion." Steven Weinberg