Saturday, July 8, 2006

In Case Anybody Wonders Why the Tart Cannot Stand Tom Cruise and his Blasphemic Lies

I hear plenty of folks chiming in as to why Tom Cruise is a jerk and has lost it, but just for vacuous laughs and information as to why I know it to be true, I feel compelled to write a little post about it.

I do not have a problem with Mr. Cruise's beauteous demeanor. Every pic I see of him, in fact, he glows mightily. He is one happy SOB, or Scientilogical Orb of Beauty, that's for sure. Good for him. I wouldn't be surprised if he were manic. Really.

Now, a lot can be said about his relationship with someone 20 or so years younger than him. I'm sure she is 'perfect' for his needs, and I think we can all see some of what that entails: a shut-up and take it kind of gal. What's most 'amazing' is that he continues to call her a 'woman.' No not even squirting out his infamous protege (which no one has seen, and I think the tabloids are centimenters from calling the whole thing a hoax. Vacuous knowledge, remember?) will convince me of that. Real women have lives and don't give up themselves to moon over some asshole. Well, plenty do, but I'm hoping they don't really think its a relationship, and I'm telling you, they are a long way from growing up and being called rightful women. Mr. Cruise says there's no such thing as mental illness, but I'm thinking that whole shebang is proof positive right there.

So that brings me to the meat of the matter. I cannot say enough what a disservice this asshole (was that too transparent, I'm sorry, I'm running out of qualifiers) has done to the mentally ill community and I do take his infamous statements made on the Oprah show quite personally. Look I loved Top Gun as much as anyone else but where on the blue blazes does he get off talking continuously mind you, as he had to repeat it the next day, about such off topics as, Mental Illness: Does It Exist, and Medication: Unneeded Crap that Only Whiny Post-Partum Bitches Think They Need, when he just needs to say something like, "Go see my movie, I gotta buy a whole lotta Pampers?" He could bang the couch while he said, it would have been okey dokey with me.

I live a reasonably normal life for a Bipolar Manic Depressive. I expect when ridiculous statements come out of person that somebody somewhere used to have respect for, that NAMI or some similar MI agency of truth will freak out and take him on. Not the case. Nobody did didly. And that was even more dangerous, because I fear that a shitload of idiots took him seriously.

I did not go through Hell, and I do not take medication 3x a day (which by the way, I admit to having forgotten a few doses. However, I still do the one thing I'm blessed with, typing, just fine, and that's more than I can say for Movie Stars with shit for brains doing their jobs properly. Is this a disclaimer? Hell, no.) to live my life as awesome as I can, only to be dogged by these problems for the rest of my life, to have someone beautiful and well liked, rich, and celebrified (my word, but I think you get the drift) jerkoff tell the world there is no such thing.

Why should that matter, Tart, you say? Because if he addresses millions with this rhetoric (and continues to believe it, damn bastard) and NO ONE counteracted him, (Thank you Brooke Shields for your ad in the NYT, umm but more lazy people watch Oprah than read. Really.) then that's a shitload of cowards that didn't stand up, and shitload of bungheads that might believe, you know, if they never met a real life mentally ill individual, I'm betting the possibility of, Oh, okay,I guess all those mental ill folks are all a bunch of whining liars. Stigma confirmed. And that's dangerous.

You know the German people had their reasons for following Hitler and not rising up and doing the right things in WWII. They were so downtrodden and economically oppressed that they longed for an Idiot to lead. Really, it didn't matter to them that he had these crazy notions that Jews were not only worthless and should be murdered in mass. I'm sure Mr. Cruise is not running for President/Furher and we're all supposed to say 'Oh it was just a silly little comment and now we know what a nutcase he is, so just let him and all of that be.'

No. This mentally ill person says no. I know this shit is real, MY ILLNESS and what I put up with, I don't have to whine about it and go off (Not today, anyway.) I'm saying this dude further screwed us by upholding the stigma (slander on me, right there) and spreading hurtful misinformation. I mean if he said AIDS could be avoided by putting Scotch tape on your forehead while having sex, don't you think there'd be an outroar??!!! The only one benefiting from that one is 3M, and I think even they would be a little embarrassed and put out a disclaimer. How come it's okay to spread lies about what is my reality? And millions of other valiant souls that live in the already shit upon, degraded, left on the bottom rung of society, swept under the rug existence that is mental illness. Did you really think Tart would put up with that? I guess I did, since I only react now, I only bitch now, and I don't have too much more to offer than this, since I'm real glad I never signed up for that NAMI card, useless piece of crap that it would be.

I am not PC, only very much so on this blog. This society is too damn PC and like a bunch of lambs walking silently to the slaughter. I'm not going into all the ramifications that I really mean by that because I save my political comments for other people's blogs. I'm saying for sure though, what a sad pathetic society that does not protect the most unprotected, out in the wind folks. That would certainly include children and the mentally ill. God Save Us All.
Wake up America, cause I got a lot of free time to volunteer and bitch, but not enough to solve this World's problems on my own.


'Tart said...

By the way, I want to make it clear that *I* do not believe the evil things Hitler said about Jews. I don't think that was made clear. The Holocaust is the most awful thing ever committed on this Earth, unbelievably (but true) by "humans" against other humans.

mysti said...

Tart well said. I wish I had seen the show that he was on with Oprah. I only heard bits and peices of it after the fact. I agree with you, that more people need to stand up and speak out when something so important was slandered. I wonder what Oprahs reaction was? You would think she would speak up against that nonesense.

Raine said...

Tom Cruise's manager should have stuck to letting him only speak words that someone else had written for him. As in scripts. He was doing fine til he was allowed to think and speak for himself. As to where he got his "espertise" in mental illness? maybe it was in being treated himself?

Crazy In Shreveport said...

Tom is a loser. I've hated him since he left Nicole. Anyone wanna watch Moulin Rouge? By the way where is this "baby" that was supposed to have been born? Why no pictures of it?