Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Laugh for the WEEK!

Everyone PLEASE read the responses to my predator/perp tirade from below.

My Response: First of all, mysti, I just love you and I hope you found that post a good vent. I just needed to write that after reading yours and Enigma's, and thinking about the subject, and don't worry about 'triggering' me, you plainly stated that it could be a trigger. It's not your fault that there are disgusting people (dare I say usually men) in this world and you are definitely doing all of us a service by reminding us of them. As an additional side note of personal opinion: I just hate that sickos don't automatically contract some personal disease and rid themselves from the rest of us. But that's me.

Raine, your response is my laugh of the week. Pun intended, I am so thankful to know a woman with such balls! I'll be honest, I would be horrified if some dickhead pulled his weiner out, probably embarrassed and shocked, but I like to think I would say something like, "What the..? What the hell is wrong with you, boy?" Hopefully I'd have the sense to run out and point and say, "Can you believe this?" Your way is much more effective, friend, and it really does make me happy that you did that. You go girl! I think that is a very high self esteem way to deal with it: Take no crap. Why the hell should you have to? I'm still chuckling. I love that so!

Where can I get a stun gun? I don't trust myself with guns, and I'm sure the police feel the same way, and I have pepper spray which I carry everywhere, but that sounds like the nifty device to have. Turning his balls into raisins: God, that is classic. Personal humiliation for the predator/perp seems to be the true deterrent. That is what he wants from us. Embarrasment, humiliation for him seems like what he is most afraid of. That is precisely why embarrassing him back/not allowing him to see you embarassed sounds like a VERY EFFECTIVE TOOL. I love it Raine, you ROCK!!

Alright, in the home front, Husband has survived nose surgery and, as expected, has turned into a complete baby. I have gone out to feed him twice, gotten his meds and various accroutrements: gauze bandages, tape, hydrogen peroxicide, bacitricin, eye drops, you know all the things a little baby needs to heal up after nose surgery. Just moments ago, I was called up from my blogging happiness to hand him the remote, No Joke, that was just a foot away from him on the couch. There's nothing wrong with his legs. How does this happen? I will allow babyment to go on for a day or two, and then he will just HAVE to get the remote on his own. Jeesh!

Of course, I love the silly wonderful man, and I like to think that if I ever DID birth one of his probably enourmous babies, that he'd reciprocate. In truth, he has already reciprocated, he has already comepletely shown his 'worth' if you will, by staying with me and caring for me as much as he could during my six month stay in Hell (That would be the State Mental Hospital, for the unknowing), even while having to serve and sail in the Navy, never 'leaving' me, despite people telling him he should, and despite that we had only been going out for two years. God has blessed me, in so many ways. I don't write poetry, I just write non-fiction, it may not seem like much, but I dedicate my words of love to him, my husband, and thank God again for so much good and love in my life. I'm an angry manic who is yet still loved. I apologize to those that all of this mushiness might sicken, and I'm not really trying to boast. But in this world, I've been hit hard, racked emotionally, and really physically too, I've been given a curse and I've been given a whole lot to make up for it. Not monetarily, at this point, but in personal gifts. I think about that a lot when I go outside to have my cig and I can't help but pray, Thank you, Heavenly Father, thank you.

It's not just what God has given you, you MUST use it (I'd like to say for Him). What good is liking to write if you don't write? What good would it be if paintings stayed in people's homes and didn't come out to play with the other kids? All of it requires the use of a person's capacity to Overcome Fear and use their talents. I think, yet again, this is the human struggle for each of us.

Well, who knows what I'm going to write on this thing when I open it up? Heck, I didn't know I'd say any of this.

Oh, I want to say how absolutely excited I was to see pictures and a letter from Harper Lee to Oprah's magazine this month. I LOVE her! She is gifted, talented, all of it but puts up with no crap. She will not give interviews and suffers no fools. In case you forgot, she wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird" and helped very much with Capote's "In Cold Blood" receiving pretty much zero credit for that one. Another one to go on my "Gotta Write this Famous Person" list. Yes, I think about it, but still sit here instead I do.


Raine said...

You can get a stun gun at any sporting goods store or at a gun show or as always the internet. I always say there is nothing worse than a sick man, but it IS worth it taking care of them. They make up for it later :)

mysti said...

Yep I can see you and raine beating the crap out of someone! How about the next time some sick pervert tries stalking me, I stick the two of ya on him! lol Thank you for making me laugh.