Thursday, July 13, 2006

Random Pictures: For Fun, I Tell You

I was so montrously overwhelmed to discover that I have picture powers again, that I went nuts with it, for fun. Some Webshots, some my personal stash. Oh, I'm going to be baking my first birthday cake with my new mixer tomorrow (can you feel the joy and excitement. I'm the Happy Baker) and then we're going out o' town for the weekend. So, if I don't post till next week, ya now know why! Great Weekend to everyone!!
Pretty! This is in Alaska. (Webshots)
Velcome to my humble castle! This one is in Germany (Webshots). I watched Bram Stoker's Dracula last night. Unusual for me, because I avoid horror movies, but I like that one. Unfortunately, I had Very Weird dreams last night. Hoo, not so good.
These are actually from the front yard! I think they are Chinese Amaryllis. So beautiful, these pictures are from last year but they now come up every year and are blooming this very minute!
My adorable pug cutting board, my first purchase off of Ebay. You truly can find anything on Ebay!

Webshot photo of the Carribean. Don't you wish you were there? Aarrgh!!

If you recall my pirate is Mad Ethel Cash. Aye! I'm bonafide crazy, Ethel is an old fashioned name and I an old fashioned girl, and I love Johnny Cash, and a bit fond of money as well. It's fittin' I'd say!

Happy Weekend to all!! (If you can't tell the last few days have been good to me. I am so grateful for my sanity. I relish it, and pray that it will last. I am glad that I find myself sane, not manic, and I couldn't help but praise God for it.) Well, anyway, I'll be back. Aargh!!


mysti said...

Your flowers are so beautiful! The cutting board is adorable. I am very happy for you that you are having such good days. Hope you have a good vacation! I will be thinking of you!

Raine said...

Yeah I wanna go to the Carribean- especially if Captain Jack Sparrow is there!!!!