Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Hey, Day 3 of that not smoking thing...

Everyone loves a fat cat. I adore them!

...and I really had none today. YAAAAY!! There was a little cheating on day 2, as in cig. in the morning, patch all day, and one at night. I think it is all on my way back out of the smoking life, so I sweat it not.

This requires me to pretend, and thereby feel, like I am sick. I mull around all day watching TV and doing as little as possible, which is not unlike any other day, except I didn't even bother getting dressed. Today, I was in my genuine Hawaiian mumu Husband got for me on a Navy excursion there.

So I am proud. I am on my way.

Step One: Quit smoking.

Step Two: Exercise more. I'm thinking Pilates, when I finally order and get my DVD versions. I have the tape version and they are very cool, but I want to do it here in the 'cat's room' with the nice rug and literally run them on the computer. You see, I have a plan.

Step Three: Figure out what the heck to eat (or not eat). Has this not bothered fat people for centuries? Again will figure it out.

Stopping smoking came just in time. When I have my head back on a pillow while sleeping I've got this weird thing going on. I can breathe in okay, but it feels like a flap goes over my trachea when air wants to come out (this is not every time, but happpens enough to upset and freak me out) and that is NOT COOL. It's like I have to force it out my mouth. Has anyone heard of this? Am I getting cancer, emphesema or some other awful thing?

That and the fact that I feel like I have a constant cold and definite constant aches helps me not to go back to the buggers, even though I haven't thrown out my last pack (like an idiot, probably) and it sits there.

Oh, and did mention having a soft blankey while watching TV really helps. I just return to baby mode while trying to get over this. I am not ashamed.

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mysti said...

Congrats Tart! That is awesome! You should be proud of yourself, this is huge news! wooohooooo..... I am so very proud of you gf.